How to Use the Internet to Find New Games in 2023

The internet is a vast resource that millions of people utilize every day for a huge number of reasons, from conducting business to shopping. Another key reason that people turn to the internet nowadays is for entertainment, and with video sites like YouTube, and social media platforms from TikTok to Facebook among the most popular platforms online today, it’s obvious that there’s strong demand for this.

One of the major issues that can arise when trying to get the most out of browsing online is in coming up against the sheer volume of information out there. This can make finding the right websites, platforms, goods or services exceedingly challenging. 

One sub-set of entertainment that particularly suffers from this overload is that of gaming. There are millions of games online, and dozens of specialized platforms dedicated to them. This can make the process of finding the right game for you very challenging, especially because there are many shovel-ware knock-offs of popular games out there trying to divert your attention.

Fortunately however, there are a number of ways you can cut through the noise to find a new game worth your time. Below we’re going to take a look at the best of these in 2023.

Comparison Platforms

One of the easiest ways to find new games worth playing is to avail yourself of leading comparison platforms operating in the specific gaming sector you’re interested in. For example, aficionados of the immensely popular iGaming genre are spoilt for choice when it comes to sourcing high quality recommendations for new casino sites available in their region. 

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One of the best out there is VegasSlotsOnline, which provides a regularly updated toplist of the best gaming platforms available in over 50 countries, from the UK to Vietnam. What’s more, this service furnishes its patrons with competitive sign-up bonuses and other promotional offers. This makes it, and platforms like it, not only the most efficient way to find new games, but also one of the most cost-effective.


One of the best ways to ensure you’re finding games that are truly worth your time and money is to check out the top ranking titles on the review aggregator, Metacritic. This platform is similar to the better known Rotten Tomatoes, with the crucial difference being that Metacritic arrives at its score by averaging the ratings from the trusted review sources it draws on.

This makes it the most accurate means of ascertaining just how likely the game you’re looking at is to be top quality and worth your time. Metacritic offers surveys of a number of consoles, including mobile platforms, meaning that you can quickly and easily check out what are the most highly critically regarded games for your chosen game system, instantly and for free.

Make Use of Editors’ Recommendations

Nowadays gaming on smartphones is incredibly popular, and the games available on iOS and Android have come a long way from the simple casual titles of the early 2010s. In fact, these platforms represent a hotbed of creativity and innovation, with impressive indie productions rubbing shoulders with major game studios such as Sega, all committed to demonstrating just what mobile gaming is capable of in 2023.

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Yet there’s a catch – with around 1 million games available on the App Store alone, it can be tricky to tell the hidden gems from the trash through a simple search. That is why it’s often a good idea to investigate which games are recommended by these catalog’s editors. These are often signified with a special badge stating that they’re an Editor’s Choice. You can also easily find a regularly updated run-down of the editor’s top picks on both the Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

Seek Out Award Winners

Games, like films, that do well at award ceremonies are naturally going to be pretty good. It is for this reason that it’s always worth checking out the games that rack up a number of awards at leading events like The Game Awards

This year, Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok were the big winners, and both of these games are widely considered to be the top triple-A releases over the past year. It’s also worth taking a look at the runners up and other nominees, as to even make the short-list they would have to have distinguished themselves to begin with.