How to survive your first day at work and make the most of it

So, you have finally passed the recruitment process and are almost ready to become a member of a new team at the company of your dreams. You have prepared your best clothes and revised everything that may be useful for your new position, but you may still have completely no idea what to do.

You may feel nervous or excited on your first day, but there are many ways to make it more enjoyable. Whether starting a new job or relocating to a new city, there are ways to handle the jitters and make the most of the day. An excellent way to start the day is by taking a few minutes to sit in silence and take a few deep breaths before you head into the office. Here are some ideas on how to behave on your first day so that your new collective readily accepts you!

Maintain positive attitude

If you’re new to a company, you must present yourself positively from the beginning. Your colleagues will judge your attitude and work ethic, so try to be friendly and enthusiastic, and show that you’re eager to start. This will help you gain their respect and loyalty.

Maintaining a positive attitude at the workplace is essential. Your attitude will determine your success even more than your technical skills, hours worked, or problem-solving ability. A positive attitude will serve you well in the future by helping you communicate easily with your superiors and become a role model or a good friend for the whole collective. 

Learn the rules of the office

The first day at a new office can be an intimidating experience. You have to meet new people, learn about their personalities, and discover how to interact with your colleagues. While this may seem daunting, you must show that you are a valuable addition to the team. Make an effort to be friendly and approachable to everyone you come across and, if possible, stop and smile at coworkers as you walk by their desks. It may even be a good idea to join them for lunch.

Before beginning your new job, you should learn about the rules and procedures in the office. You should also read your employee handbook if your new workplace has one. This will make it easier for you to understand the organization’s policies and procedures, especially during evaluations. It is also a good idea to turn off your cell phone or place it on silent so you can focus on your work.

Some companies can also ask you to say something about yourself, so they can add it to an introductory email to other employees. This is where you can fully set your inner essay writer free and share some remarkable facts about yourself. Just try to make it friendly, laconic, and easy to remember.

Make new friends if possible.

The first days at a new job are intimidating. If you’re a worrier, you’re probably worried about being judged by others. After all, your first impression can set the tone for your entire career. It’s best to keep your head down and try to avoid socializing too much on your first day at work. Socializing can come later after you have become more comfortable.

A simple way to connect with others is to smile and make eye contact. Besides, smiles make people more receptive to conversation. You can do the same when you’re in public areas. Try to say hello to people you bump into, and smile whenever you do. Avoid gestures that close you off from your environment, such as texting or listening to headphones.

Impress your new boss by being professional

Impressing your boss on the first day at work can be challenging but manageable. First of all, make sure to be prepared. Be sure to take notes and be prepared for any questions you have. It’s important to note down the names of the other team members and what they do, too. 

Being punctual is one of the most basic requirements of your job, and arriving on time will impress your manager and establish a positive relationship. Also, make sure you are prepared to answer questions that require research. Lastly, be sure to keep your desk and work area clean and tidy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and thank those who provided it

Getting help on your first day at work can be a challenge. Companies aren’t always organized when it comes to onboarding new staff so new employees can get tangled up in meetings with HR professionals, coworkers, and special assignments. It’s essential to keep in touch with your manager throughout the day and don’t be afraid to ask questions or request help.

If someone is willing to help you on your first day, be sure to thank them for their assistance. Not only will this show that you are grateful for their help, but it will also create an excellent first impression. Depending on the person, you might want to follow up by sending a thank you note or email to thank them. Alternatively, you may want to buy them a small gift, but it is not necessary.