How Does the Document Scanner on Your Phone Help Improve Your KPIs at Work?

The system of key performance indicators (KPI) was developed relatively recently and is an important tool for evaluating the effectiveness and improving the management of business processes of large enterprises or organizations. Recently, KPI elements have been actively used by businesses thanks to modern automated systems that allow to:

  • Conduct operational monitoring of the company at various levels and for various periods;
  • Perform analytical calculations and information processing;
  • Visually present for managers a panel of indicators necessary for a quick response to current situations and the adoption of managerial decisions.

Modern companies conduct KPI monitoring on a regular basis. Tracking KPIs and data allows for increasing the overall performance. Practice shows that the document scanner app has received wide use today. It allows to improve document handling and reporting. Read below about the features and benefits of KPI monitoring and find out how a PDF scan app on your phone can help you improve your KPIs at work.

What Is KPI Monitoring?

A KPI is a measurable quantity that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs at several levels to assess their success in achieving goals. High-level KPIs may focus on overall business performance, while low-level KPIs may focus on processes within departments such as sales, marketing, HR, support, etc.

Monitoring key indicators of the company’s activity is not only important for financial indicators. It can also help improve employee morale, customer satisfaction, and other, more personal goals important to overall business growth and success.

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What Is the Benefit of Tracking KPIs and Data to Improve Overall Performance?

Thanks to KPIs tracking, you can understand what needs to be done to improve business performance. For small and medium-sized businesses, the KPIs system of indicators allows determining the real state of staff performance. This is the most objective method of measuring the personal performance of an employee and his/her contribution to the achievement of planned results.

The main benefits of tracking KPIs and data are:

  • The KPI system allows to receive and track a permanent result, or its absence. It helps to display a picture of the performance of both an individual employee and the company as a whole;
  • The KPI system allows outlining a clear understanding of what is within the employee’s area of ​​responsibility. It makes it possible to track what needs to be influenced in order to improve performance and earn more;
  • The use of KPIs helps to improve the efficiency of the company in general. The key is that thanks to KPI, you can identify the shortcomings of the company and focus on what requires special control.

In practice, the implementation of KPIs usually includes four stages:

  1. The company turns its corporate vision into measurable operational goals that are communicated to employees;
  2. Operational goals are related to individual staff performance goals, which are periodically evaluated;
  3. Internal processes are established to meet and/or exceed the strategic goals and expectations of the company’s customers;
  4. Key performance indicators are analyzed to assess and provide recommendations for improving the company’s performance and creating conditions for long-term intensive development.
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What Is the Reason Why Companies Do Document Control?

At the present stage of the development of society, the value of information has reached unprecedented heights and continues to grow year by year. Information has long become one of the most important factors, along with raw materials, human, and financial resources. Information (especially that which is used in management) is recorded on a material carrier. And the information recorded on a material carrier is a document. Documents are steadily becoming increasingly important both in the management process and in the social life of society.

The activity of any company implies the existence of such documents as orders, instructions, and other types of organizational and administrative documentation. The effectiveness of the work of employees, key performance indicators, and the management of the company as a whole depends on how correct control of documents is. Therefore, an important task of each company is to improve document monitoring and establish a clear procedure for document management.

How Can a Scanner App Improve Document Handling and Reporting?

Document scanning is a process that takes place regularly in every company today. If earlier the scanning process was rather complicated and required the availability of special equipment, nowadays everything is very simple. It is enough to install the document scan app on your iPhone to scan PDF documents anywhere and anytime.

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Since the document scan app allows for improving document handling and reporting, you can also improve your KPIs at work with it. The main features of the document scan iPhone app include the following:

  • Thanks to the scan app, you can digitize your paper simply by using your phone’s camera;
  • Optical character recognition technology is used. It provides accurate text and photo images;
  • It is possible to print the scanned document immediately or make the necessary editorial changes;
  • There is an optimized search engine that allows you to find documents by their titles without any problems;
  • An instant sharing function is available that allows you to share scanned files.

Turn your iPhone into a scanner by using the document scan app and improve your KPIs at work quickly and efficiently!