How Often Do You Clean a Ventilation System?

How Often Do You Clean a Ventilation System?

How often do you consider the air you breathe? It’s a well-known fact that clean air makes everyone safer and healthier. When living, working, or otherwise occupying a building, ventilation systems keep air clean and healthy, pumping clean air into the space for circulation, and back out again. But did you know the system needs regular cleaning to maintenance to ensure the air it outputs is clean and healthy?

How Does a Good Ventilation System Work

A well-functioning ventilation system replaces stagnant indoor air with fresh and circulated outside. This recirculation means that the air is cleaner and stops people from inhaling what everyone else has breathed out and other chemicals, smells, and harmful pollutants that may be lurking in the building. An added bonus in COVID times is that proper ventilation also dilutes and removes virus droplets from the air to lower the chance of cross-contamination.

You may wonder – if your business or home (depending on its size) that does not have a decent ventilation system or method – won’t a fan simply do, along with an open window? The answer is no, unless you have windows that can be opened all year round, and the place is small. A fan will move air around the room but won’t clean it, nor will an open window in urban, built-up and polluted areas. This approach in most areas yields zero benefits and is not sustainable due to the issues inclement weather poses. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clean and operational ventilation system pumping air in and out, especially for commercial spaces, including office, shop, and restaurant buildings.

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Unfortunately, many pollutants can make their way into the air we breathe through a dirty ventilation system, so it’s an essential but often overlooked aspect of building cleaning that needs more consideration. These pollutants can include pest droppings (and nesting debris), mould, mildew, dust, bacteria, and fungus. 

Ventilation System Cleaning

So how often should the system in your building be cleaned to avoid this? According to government legislation, a building-wide clean should be carried out every twelve months. More regular checks are advised to ensure that everything is maintained in good working order between the cleaning times. You will need a professional cleaner and inspector to ensure no possible issue is missed, and both of these are done correctly. This effort will pay dividends by providing your workers, and other building users stay in good health with clear minds – just a few benefits of clean and fresh oxygen to breathe in the workplace. 

Need Help With Your Ventilation System Cleaning?

If your business needs professional ventilation cleaning, call Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London. We specialise in keeping ventilation systems cleaned, hazard-free and fire-safe. You can have confidence in our expert team to complete the job to a high and healthy standard. We also offer other deep cleaning services to ensure your business is always healthy and safe, so reach out to discover how we can help.

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