Choose Essay Topics for High School Students

Choose Essay Topics for High School Students

I don’t know why, but mostly students neglect their own thoughts. Maybe you will give me an answer to this question? But before that let me tell you one story, which arguably might be one of those essay topics for high school students. It’s a real life story of one of my friends. I can’t help myself and don’t tell it, especially if we’re talking about essay topics for high school students.

Basic Structure for Paper and  Essay Topics for High School Students

Certainly, before you will write a paper you have to look through the essay topics for high school students. Pay special attention to each of them, as you will have to show a creative writing essay. If you don’t want to miss a boat then look through basic structure of academic writing:

  • title of your paper;
  • introduction. Tell a little about a content of your essay and some definitions of key terms; 
  • thesis statement. Your ideas, thoughts and views which you are ready to show readers; 
  • support own thoughts by the help of reliable sources: articles, books or experts views;
  • conclusion. Tie all points in your paper into a strong conclusion.

If topic analysis didn’t help and you still don’t know how to start and what main paper parts should be included, you can find an online helper. You can hire a writing tutor, surf Reddit or Quora searching for great arguments, or to pay for essay writing to a reputable service and get a sample of a perfectly written paper.

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Life story for Creative Writing Essay

I have named it “Glass story”. I am sure that you will understand everything a little later. At the airport, a young girl was standing with her valise, looking in a blue sky and thinking about a trip, which would change all her life…a thin glass pane separated her from life which she used to live for many years. But at that moment she was thinking only about her study abroad. One month – so short and at the same time a WHOLE MONTH. Her young man suddenly appeared. It seemed that he simply grew from the floor and now he was standing in front of this glass wall, which cruelly separated them.

Confession in Creative Writing Essay

Kate was standing there, on the other part of the glass pane with tears on her blue eyes. In a moment she decided to tell the truth and it didn’t matter that he wouldn’t hear anything. Kate: “I am sure that you think that I will come back in one month, but it isn’t so. I am going there not only to study, but I am going to get married and never come back here. You are a great person and I am sure that you will find a girl which makes you the happiest one on this planet. Don’t wait for me…”

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Freedom of Choice – Essay Topics for High School Students

If you really think that Gleb didn’t understand anything you are making a big mistake. Do you know why? Because from the other part of the wall he said: “I know that you will never come back. I hope that you’ll be happy with this man. You are smart, Kate and your children will be so beautiful and intelligent. You’ll find a good job, I am sure. But promise me that you will be happy.”

Essay Topics for High School Students Is a Point of No Return

He phoned her on mobile phone. Gleb was looking toward  her big blue eyes and said: “Oh, I forgot to say! Put your hand into your bag. Do you remember this valentine? I am sure that it will be safe with you”.  After those words, he put the phone down and got the battery off. Despite tears Kate and a sorry look. It was their last meeting.

Glass Story of Writing a Creative Essay                                           

I could say that this was a creative writing essay, if in the end they stayed together. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Someone up there plays with our life in very cruel games. You are sure that this person is your destiny. Definitely, so many years have passed and you are still together. But nobody knows whose counter you are and who will make a move right now: GOOD or BAD.

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However, each of your stories might become a creative writing essay. Do you know why? Because you write it by the help of your own thoughts, within and out of your own soul into each paper.