Best Anonymous Resources to Exchange BTC to XMR

Thanks to Bitcoin being the pioneering cryptocurrency, subsequent initiatives will attempt to solve problems the blockchain may have overlooked. For instance, users of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have expressed concerns about the network’s security from a privacy perspective. Disclosing private information isn’t something everyone is eager to do.

Monero is known for its ability to conduct anonymous transactions. Due to growing privacy concerns on public blockchains like Bitcoin, demand for anonymous crypto has increased. Users of the Monero network may create single-use addresses and employ private transactions to keep the value of their exchanges private. Instead of giving over all of your Bitcoins at once, you may convert BTC to Monero anonymously first and enjoy the benefits of a privacy-coin user.

BTC to XMR: Best Exchange Platforms

If you want to trade BTC for XMR, an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange is a great option since it protects your privacy while providing you with other advantages.

Godex is an anonymous, secure, and fast platform. There are over three hundred different coins to choose from, and that number is regularly growing. There are no accounts to create or registrations to complete. You need to pay a small fee for your transaction to be processed by the network. Godex lists the most popular conversion pairs and their analysis, like BTC to XMR and Avax vs Solana, to name a few.

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Here’s how to swap Bitcoin to Monero on Goddex.

  • Pick the required trading pair. In the “You send” section, choose “Bitcoin.”
  • Key in the address of the recipient. 
  • Enter the recipient’s Monero address here.
  • Swap your Bitcoin.


Users of SimpleSwap may quickly and easily trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More than 500 digital currencies may be exchanged on SimpleSwap. There are floating and fixed rates available for traders.

Here’s how to swap Bitcoin to Monero on SimpleSwap.

  • Choose the crypto trading pair. Select Bitcoin under “You send.”
  • Write the address of the recipient. 
  • The next step is to type in the recipient’s Monero address.
  • Exchange your BTC.


Bitni is another anonymous crypto exchange without KYC and registration. For newcomers or those who don’t have crypto assets, the platform’s ability to buy crypto using fiat is a huge plus. Britni’s charges may be higher than those of competitors, but no hidden fees exist. Moreover, it’s a gateway to over 200 digital currencies. 

Here’s how to swap Bitcoin to Monero on Britni

  • Put in the Bitcoin amount you wish to convert to Monero.
  • Put in the XMR address of the wallet you want to send money to.
  • Transfer the Bitcoins you want to exchange. 
  • Receive your new XMR.
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Swapuz is a cryptocurrency exchange that boasts a user-friendly design, the ability to trade enormous sums of currencies in a matter of minutes, and a help desk always open. The platform is dedicated to enhancing the user experience, speeding up transactions, expanding the number of coins available, and introducing new features and services that its users will find valuable.

Here’s how to swap Bitcoin to Monero on Swapuz:

  • Choose the trading pair.
  • Select Bitcoin under “You send.”
  • Type in the Monero address. 
  • Send the Bitcoins.
  • Following the successful receipt of your payment to the platform’s address, you will be credited with Monero.


FixedFloat uses the Lightning Network and offers an immediate, completely automated coin exchange. With just a few clicks, you may get the cryptocurrency you need and take advantage of competitive fixed and fluctuating exchange rates.

There is no sign-up required. To make a trade, all you have to do is scan a QR code.

Here’s how to swap Bitcoin to Monero on Fixedfloat.

  • Enter the desired amount of Bitcoin. 
  • Write your wallet address to receive currency. 
  • Click the “Exchange now” button.

Which Exchange Platform to Choose?

Ultimately, your requirements will determine which exchange platform is best for you. Don’t feel obligated to make a coin exchange until you’ve done your due diligence on the merits of each service.