8 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness with Video in 2023

No marketer today can deny the importance of brand awareness. Every campaign you’ve launched likely had one particular goal: build brand awareness.

When it comes to building brand name, there’s lots of tools. But, frankly not many that would actually help. 

In fact, 95% of marketers say that video marketing has improved their brand reach significantly. It also makes more sense when you see that 80% of time spent on the internet alone accounts for watching videos. 

Plus, a video can showcase your brand’s product and services best. Now, one thing is for sure, videos can be the perfect trigger to boost brand awareness. But, how exactly can you do it? That’s what this blog is all about. 

In it, we’ll reveal 8 amazing ways you can leverage to increase brand awareness in 2023. 

We’ll share some unique insights from time-tested methods as well as trends in video marketing that have recently picked up steam. 

All in all, we’ll provide you a solid brand awareness strategy.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Grow your organic reach on social

An average user spends 2 hours of their time on social media. So, posting on social offers you a whopping organic reach. And, more importantly, most of the time spent on social comprise of watching videos. 

Impressively, video accounts for more than 30% of all posts on Instagram coming from business accounts. Surprisingly, this percentage has recently doubled down as it stood at 16% last year. 

That shows the enormous volume of videos being created today. You can do the same to boost your organic growth over socials. 

Just make sure to use trendy and branded hashtags and curate content around topics that are on the buzz. That gives your content greater exposure and a higher chance of collecting more organic reach over time. 

To start, you can choose to creating Instagram reels. It might be a solid option, if you’re in the fashion niche.  

Share testimonials

Word of mouth is powerful! Customers would want to hear from other customers than ask from brands directly. In fact, 2 out of 3 customers say that they would buy from a brand after watching a video testimonial. 

Testimonials show real clients sharing their experiences with the brand’s product and service. It tells a viewer how the product solved the client’s problem. 

Real people sharing their pain points allows your prospects to resonate with them easily. Here’s an example of a video testimonial;

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Create video ads for socials

Targeted video ad campaigns can be gold to boost brand name. When people engage or search for content relevant to your product niche, they’ll automatically be shown ad of your service. 

Social platforms have amazing targeting capabilities. They would not just promote your ads to help your cover a wider net, but more importantly, they’ll show your ads to the most interested prospects. 

That’s why creating ads for your socials can be one of the best ways to boost brand name. 

Tell a brand story

No customer wants to be sold. They love to discover an amazing experience in the midst of their buying journey. 

And, one way to give them a delightful experience or that ‘Aha’ moment, is to tell an exciting story. Customers would love to hear your brand’s story.

What motivated you to solve their problem? How good you’re at doing it? How your solution alone can make a difference in their lives? 

How well do you empathize with them (understand their pain points)? How you plan to help the win? And, whether or not, your brand’s values embrace their values?

The list can go on and on. But, the thing, customers want stories. And, stories have the power to trigger emotional contagion, and collect an overwhelming response from them. 

So, telling a good brand story can really help you raise brand awareness. If you’ve the resources, you may experiment with a video to tell your brand story. 

While the video’s length might be extended, you can always clip shorts for social posting. So, creating and repurposing content saves the hurdle of cost and time. 

In fact, here we’ve some amazing examples of brand videos you can watch for inspiration. 

As long as you can tailor your brand’s message for a social platform, you’ll
have an impact with your brand game.

Show off a personality

Not necessary though, but you can use video content to get the word out with an impact. Interestingly, people are not buying products, but are inspired by the personality they are able to perceive with that product. 

That makes it all the more important for any marketer to show off a personality in their video content. Showing off personality puts you ahead of the game. 

Not only are people more excited to learn and adapt from a unique personality, but creativity is contagious. Hence, you’ll see people imitating you in no time. So, if you’ve a branding style or some quirky liking to it will surely catch more eyeballs. 

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You can even resort to using animation as Gen Z finds animated content more alluring. So, it collaborating with a video animation company might do wonders for your brand growth. 

So, if you want to raise brand awareness, consider experimenting with a personality that is clever, witty, yet super easy to resonate with. 

Focus on user-generated video content

Creating static content is commonplace. And, don’t mind but it can be boring sometimes. Everyone is scrolling through their feed, and rarely there’s enough to make them stop-scroll and engage with a post. 

How do you make yourself stand out?

One way to do this is by focusing on creating user-generated content. Brands capitalize on campaigns and major events by generating user-made content. They invite their customers to share their stories and their experiences with the brand. 

And frankly, all of your prospects want some special attention on their social. There might not be a better way to do it than sharing a strong message on social. You can have them tell stories about your product or share content relevant or your niche. 

Not only will it excite them, but more importantly, they’ll attract prospects who will resonate with their stories and experiences, thereby giving you some solid traction for your social content. 

Perhaps, that’s the reason why we see so many brands have dived into creating user-generated video content for their socials.

So, if you’re focused on generating strong brand awareness, then consider producing user-generated content. 

Remember, no one you’ll never find a better brand advocate to sing your praises than a satisfied and happy customer. 

Here’s an example of a brand awareness video.

Collab with other brands

Boosting your reach on social media is also possible through collaboration. You can boost brand awareness by joining hands with other brands. 

While competing with brands is an everyday hustle, you can opt to collaborate with some too. 

Pay close attention to brands that offer complementary products in relation to your offer. Collaborating with other brands multiplies your reach. You may use branded hashtags to pique curiosity and make a memorable moment for fans or customers from both sides. 

A fine example of collaboration is Vans. Vans is an apparel brand that is seen to collaborate with multiple brands on a number of occasions. 

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Collaborating makes it easier to build brand recognition. You can even consider featuring your brand colors in the video. 

Here’s a collab video it did with Disney:

Optimize for SEO

Now that you’ve created a bunch of good content, know that it might not be enough. Quality content might up there on your socials. But, it really is not any good until you’re able to gain some traction on it. 

That’s where optimizing for SEO becomes seriously important. Make sure to add relevant keywords in your video titles and description. 

Some say that even including keywords in your thumbnail images can help as algorithms are smart enough to inspect images for keywords. 

While optimizing for SEO, make sure that you content does not lose its brand voice. 

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we discussed why video marketing is seriously important in 2023. We also highlighted 8 amazing ways in which you can use video to increase brand awareness. Leveraging these techniques will help you draw some good level of traction for your brand awareness campaigns while also build brand loyalty. We can’t emphasize more on why brand awareness is so important to successfully promote your brand online in any niche.  


What is brand awareness?

You can define brand awareness as how familiar your prospects or customers are with your product or services. It’s a key metric for marketers as it measures how recognizable your brand is. 

How can you measure brand awareness?

Awareness is not tangible. So, you can’t measure it. However, there are certain metrics at which you must keep a close eye. These include website traffic, social media followers, likes, shares and so on.

Author Bio:

Jane Collen is an animation expert with over 6 years of experience in the industry. As a Senior Content Writer at BuzzFlick, a leading animation studio and video production company, Jane has been instrumental in creating engaging and compelling animated videos for clients across various industries.


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