Young Thug Net Worth, Personal Life, Career – Everything you Need to Know

Young Thug Net Worth, Personal Life, Career – Everything you Need to Know

Jeffery Lamar Williams a.k.a Young Thug was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 16th August 1991. He is a well-known American rapper, songwriter, and singer. Young Thug’s unconventional vocal style and fashion make him very popular among other rappers, also people love to hear his voice as it is filled with modern hip-hop sounds, and trap music.

Young Thug Personal Details
Real Name Jeffery Lamar Williams
Stage Name Young Thug
Nick Name No, My Name is Jeffery
Date of Birth 16th August 1991
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Height 1.91 mtr
Spouse Jerrika Karlae
Children 3 Sons, 3 Daughters

Young Thug Biography:

Thug comes from the same indigent neighborhood, which happens to be home to various famous musicians including Waka Flocka Flame, Ludacris, and 2 Chainz. He was punished with 4 years in prison as he broke his teacher’s arm when he was studying in 6th grade. 

Thug started his musical career in the year 2010, in a guest role on TruRoyal’s song titled, “She Can Go.” In 2011 and 2012, he released one of his mixtape series, named, “I Came From Nothing.” Later on, he also performed a collaboration with many legendary artists. He has also worked with many popular rappers including Rich HomieQuan, Gucci Mane, and Birdman. 

Young Thug Early Lifestyle:

Young Thug was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 16th August 1991. He is the second youngest sibling out of 11. He spent his early life in the Jonesboro, South Projects. In the year 2000, one unfortunate event took place in his life, i.e. his older brother lost his life in front of his eyes, due to disputes with the gamblers. After a few years, his younger brother was also sent to prison in a murder mystery.

Thug had no interest in schooling so he indulged in some criminal activities, like drugs, and gambling. 

Young Thug Personal Life:

If we speak about the personal life journey of Young Thug, then he has many criminal records too. When he was just 17, William became the father of one child. He has six children from four different women, out of which three are sons, and three are daughters. 

Then in April 2015, he was engaged to Jerrika Karlar who is an entrepreneur and the owner of Swimsuit Line. In 2016, he brought his first-ever mansion after releasing his mixtape, “Jeffery.” 

The mansion is located in Buckhead, Atlanta. It was built in the 11000 square feet area, having 6 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, and also having other facilities, like a bar, theater, and garages facilities for his car’s collection.

In December 2016, thug have also joined one of the campaigns named, “#Fightpovertyagain.” 

Young Thug Latest Updates (2023):

As per the latest updates about Rapper Young Thug, who has been in jail for the past few months, it is found that he is involved in criminal activities and also for the YSL name label, which he and his other two friends found for crime purposes. The name of YSL was the violent street gang Young Slime Life.

He recently got a temporary bail due to sudden chest pain and is still under doctors’ supervision in the hospital. His advocate again asks for a time from the court for the next appeal date due to the weak condition of Rapper Young Thug.

Also, if we talk about the latest net worth of the rapper Young Thug, according to the celebrity net worth report, his updated net worth is $ 8 Million.

Young Thug Career and Achievements:

As previously discussed, Thug started his career by playing a guest role on one of TruRoyal’s song titles named, “She Can Go.” After getting praise from his first guest role, he has taken his music career seriously and released his first-ever mixtape called, “I Came From Nothing” which received immense love and popularity from people.

Young Thug Professional Details
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Popular Songs Halftime,
Go Crazy
Best Friend,
Pick Up the Phone,
Instagram Username @thuggerthugger1
Twitter Username @youngthug
Youtube Young Thug
Networth $8 Million (2023)

Thugs’ unique personality and voice also won the heart of many legendary artists like Gucci Mane. Later, Gucci Mane signed a contract with the Young Thug for his 1017 Brick Squad record label in the year 2013. 

After releasing a few of his songs, he started working in collaborations with famous rappers like Waka Flocka Fame, Rich Homie Quan, Chief Keef, etc. Also, in 2014, he signed one of the management deal with the Birdman Cash Money records.

Thereafter, his constant success broke records of many rappers. As many of his songs appear on the Billboard list, like Barter 6 which reached 22nd position on Billboard 200, another mixtape, “I’m Up” also stands at 22nd position on Billboard 200. 

Later on, Slime Season 3, was the third mixtape which was one of the most popular mixtapes that stood at the 1st position on the US Rap Album charts.

Young Thug Record-Breaking Musical History:

In the year 2017, the team of Thug collaborated with the Cuban Pop Singer Camila Cabello for his first single “Havana,” which broke the records of many rappers.

“Havana” ranked first place in the Billboard Top 100 list. Thereafter, on August 16, 2019, Young Thug released his first debut studio album named, “So Much Fun,” in which many legendary artists played guest roles, including Machine Gun Kelly, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, etc. Also, this album got massive success on the Billboard chart.

Again, on October 15, 2021, Thug shared the second studio album, named, “Punk,” which once again broke the records of many artists.

Young Thug Awards:

Young Thug won the very first “Grammy Award,” under the category of song of the year in the year 2019, for his song named “This is America.”

Also, he has won many awards for one of his popular songs “Havana.” he also achieves the MTV video music award for his song of the year. 

Young Thug Net Worth:

If we talk about his net worth then let’s have a look beginning of his career. In 2012 his estimated net worth was $1,743,000. Thereafter, it subsequently increased in the year 2014 by $4,250,000 which was then followed by $5,470,000 and reached $6 Million in the year 2016. After that, the net worth of Young Thug is approximately $8 Million US. 

Apart from his musical earning, he has also earned approximately $1.5 million from various endorsements.

Young Thug Other Income Sources:

The monthly royalty income of the rapper is $80,000 which he earns from Spotify. Other than this, he also earns massive amounts from other resources like from his YouTube streams alone, he earns around $1,620,000 per year. Not only that, but he also earns from his live concerts too.

Young Thug Car Collections:

Young Thug is fond of buying the most expensive cars which include, the Corvette C8 Convertible, whose actual cost is $68,000. Then, he purchased two Rolls Royce Cullinan one for himself which was a white color, and another one for his best friend Gunna which was the black color. The cost of two cars is around $1 Million. 

Also, he has Lamborghini Urus in orange color whose price is $3,00,000. Other than this, he also has the top models of Mercedes and many other luxury cars.