Chanel West Coast Biography, Net Worth, Career- Everything You Need to Know

Chanel West Coast Biography, Net Worth, Career- Everything You Need to Know

Chelsea Chanel Dudley is well known by her professional name “Chanel West Coast.” She was born on 1st September 1988, in Los Angeles, California. Chanel is prominently known for her acting as well as her musical career. She got musical inspiration from her father who was a DJ artist. 

Chanel West Coast Personal Details
Real Name Chelsea Chanel Dudley
Nick Name Chanel West Coast
Mother Name Penny Porsche
Father Name Jamie Dudley
Date of Birth 1st September 1988
Hometown Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 32 years (2023)
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Spouse Dom Fension
Children Bowie Breeze Fension
Nationality American
Height 159 cm
Weight 55 kg
Figure Measurement 36-26-37
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Chanel West Coast Biography:

At the age of 11, she started learning music, and at an early age, she also became a part of the entertainment industry. Currently, she is one of the top celebrities in the television industry and music. 

Although, Chanel is also an entrepreneur who launched her first-ever clothing products as well as several cannabis products, like Cannabis Topicals, Cannabis Flowers, and Edibles, etc. in many countries. 

Chanel West Coast Early Life:

Chelsea Chanel Dudley a.k.a. Chanel West Coast was born on 1st September 1988 in Los Angeles, California. Chanel spent her early life in both New York, and North Hollywood as her parents lived separately.

Chanel spent her early life in New York, with her father who was a DJ artist. She attends all the nightclub parties with her father, from where she developed an interest in singing and dancing. 

She had completed her graduation from homeschooling. Afterward, she started her rap career after being inspired by Tupac Shakur’s single, “How Do U Want It.” Also, she started making her rap music, as her love and passion for rap music increased. 

Chanel West Coast Personal Life:

Chanel started dating Scottish singer Liam Horne in 2014. The two attended many events together such as MTV Awards shows, but their relationship did not go on for long period, and they broke up.

Then, in August 2017 Chanel was spotted many times with the rapper, Solo Lucci. But, after a few months, they both also ended up their relationship. According to media reports, they said currently Chanel is in a relationship with Model Dom Fension; and they recently welcomed their first girl child. 

Chanel West Coast Latest Updates (2023):

Chanel West Coast, who is well known for her acting and music, announced on 27th March 2023 about leaving MTV’s Ridiculousness show after hosting it for 12 years.

And she furtherly added that it is quite difficult for her to make this decision, as she has been attached to the show for the last 12 years, but on the other side, she is excited to start her new journey as a producer. 

Fans are happy with her decision, and everyone wishes her good luck for the new phase of her life and shows constant love and support to Chanel West Coast on her social media accounts.

Chanel West Coast Career:

As previously discussed, Chanel West Coast is very popular for her acting and music career. So, let’s see her achievements in both careers. 

Chanel West Television Career:

At the age of 20, she met an American producer and entrepreneur, named, Rob Dyrdek. There she got her first job offer from him, and it was for the role of receptionist in the Rob Dyrdek office. At that moment Rob was working in one of his reality shows named, “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” which was played on MTV.

Then after, in 2011 she got her first chance of being a model in one of the MTV series, named, “The Hards Times of RJ Berger,” where she played the role of Sheila. In the same year, Chanel also received an opportunity for becoming a cast member of “Ridiculousness” with other co-actors like Dyrdek and this casting broke many records among other television actors.

“Ridiculousness” is one of the successful seasons, who aired for almost 30 years, and Chanel charges $1,42,000 per episode of Ridiculousness. She had also been a part of Fantasy Factory season 5 as a cast member. Not only that, but she has also given her voice in many animated series too like Wild Grinders.

Chanel West Music Career:

Other than being an actress, she has also built her career as a rapper, and singer. In 2009, she started working with many popular artists, and then she released her first debut titled, named, “Melting Like Ice Cream” with Tiffanie Anderson. 

Her soft voice grabs the attention of many legendary artists, like Lil Wayne, who signed a contract with Chanel for her label called, “Young Money Entertainment,” in the year 2012. She also promotes their songs, by arranging a musical tour with their team workers, and their co-singers.

In August 2015, Chanel collaborated with YG, and B-Real to release her second mixtape, named, “WAVES.” Also, she is working on releasing her track. Chanel’s first-ever track title was, “Blueberry Chills,” in which Honey Cocaine was featured with her. Then for the next two years, she constantly worked on releasing her future tracks one after another like Miles and Milles, etc.

Chanel West Coast Professional Details
Occupation Rapper, Actress, and Singer
Venture Company Valleywood, LoL CARTEL
Popular Songs Bedrock, Steady Mobbin, EveryGirl In The World, We Alright, Roger That, Alcoholic
Television Popularity Ridiculousness, Fantasy Factory
Instagram Username @chanelwestcoast
Twitter Username @Chanelwestcoast
YouTube Channel @ChanelWC
Networth $3 Million (2023)


Chanel West Coast Net Worth:

Until 2023, the approximate net worth of Chanel West Coast was $3 Million. We have already discussed the cost that she charges per episode of Ridiculous. Now, by knowing her per episode cost we can say that people praised her acting, as well as her music career. 

Along with that, she also achieved the title of top business personality, after her first-ever launching clothing line, named, “Valleywoord.” Then, in 2019, she also launched another clothing line and give them name called “LOL CARTEL.”

Chanel West Coast Social Media Accounts:

Chanel has a large fan following list on her every social media account. She has 4 million fans following on her Instagram alone. Other than this, she has a YouTube channel in which Chanel has more than $400k subscribers. Also, 7,80,000 followers on Twitter. Not only that, but according to the Spotify report of 2021, there are 3.8 million people hearing the songs of Chanel West Coast from 168 countries.

Chanel West Coast Car Collections:

Chanel purchased her first-ever home in the year 2010, at Hamptons beach where she spends her weekends. Then, in 2019, Chanel bought another at the cost of $1.65 Million in the Hollywood Hill District, in Los Angeles. 

The home was built in 2,600sq. Ft area. It also has a facility for car garages, and others. Chanel also has fond of buying luxurious cars. She owns Bugatti Veyron which costs $1.7 Million, and a Mercedes SLK55 AMG which cost her $1,27,000.