Why Visa’s Stock Price Continues to Rise

Visa’s continued rise in the stock market can actually affect your iGaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at the situation to understand why Visa’s stock prices are important and how they can affect you and your daily transactions, including playing in online casinos.

You know it’s serious when Nasdaq talks about why Visa stock prices continue to rise and why it’s a good stock buy. However, when trying to find Visa casinos in Canada the stock exchange is probably the furthest thing from your mind. With free spins and sign-up bonuses, it’s hard not to love playing online casinos.

What is Causing Visa’s Stock Price to Go Up?

This year, there have been multiple headlines about Visa’s upward trajectory in the stock market despite a seemingly declining global economy. With the current never-ending talks of inflation and recession, it’s almost surprising to see a stock go up instead of down.

As the cost of everything increases, so do Visa’s profits (and, subsequently, its stock prices). As you already know, Visa charges merchants a set percentage per transactionusually about 2 percent or so. The higher the price and the more it increases due to inflation, the more money Visa gets. And in the eyes of an investor, that’s a positive.

Or, if you want to look at it in a cynical waythe more you spend, the more Visa earns. Even as you try to tighten your budget and spend less, the higher prices mean Visa still gets a higher profit regardless. It may not affect you immediately, but it’s definitely an advantage for the company.

Other reasons include business-related stuff that an ordinary person may not care about, such as Visa’s acquisition of a Brazilian fintech company. Investors and stockbrokers understand why such a transaction is essential for Visa, but it’s irrelevant to everyday users. 

It also helps that Visa treats its shareholders well by repeatedly increasing dividend payouts and offering a lucrative stock buyback program. From a shareholder standpoint, Visa is happy to share its growth with stockholders. And for prospective stockholders, that’s an attractive benefit.

As far as most of us are concerned, as long as our transactions go through or our favorite merchant accepts Visa, that’s all that matters.

What Does This Mean for Online Casinos?

At first glance, you may think that Visa’s continued rally in the stock market doesn’t affect online casino operators. And for the most part, it doesn’t. Visa is such a widely used method of payment nowadays that merchants would miss out on so much business if they didn’t accept it. 

But the reality isn’t that simple. As Visa’s stock price rises, the brand has more power over merchants that need to use it. Businesses, including online casino operators, can’t afford to exclude Visa as a payment methoddespite paying Visa’s fees in such a sour economy, they’d miss a large chunk of revenue.

Of course, you won’t see its effects immediately, or at least not on the surface. You may notice an online casino operator changing its deposit bonusthey might increase the minimum or decrease the bonus you get for the same amount of money. Or they may increase the minimum payout you can withdraw so they can save a bit on the fees instead of paying multiple times.

Will Visa’s Stock Prices Continue to Go Up?

Most financial analysts are predicting that Visa’s stock prices will continue to rise for the rest of the year. Nasdaq and Wall Street are both declaring Visa as a must-buy stock at the moment, with a potential profit of 17.4 percent this year. Motley Fool predicts that as long as the economy continues to rebound without any sudden recession, Visa’s stock will continue to increase.

In a way, Visa’s stock price is good news for those who use a Visa debit or credit card. Although the fees hurt businesses’ bottom line, including online casino operators, Visa’s prominent status means they’ll have little to no choice but to accept Visa as a payment method. With such a large user base, it would be foolish for a business to decline Visa payments.

But if you want to help your favorite casino and ensure they don’t skimp out on the bonuses, you might want to start looking for alternative payment methods. The fewer fees they have to pay (Mastercard charges a fee as well, just like Visa), the more incentive they have to continue being generous. Of course, this applies to local businesses too.