What are Requirement fee and procedure for Civil Marriage in Dubai?

What are Requirement fee and procedure for Civil Marriage in Dubai?


Getting married is an exciting milestone in one’s life, and if you’re considering a civil marriage in Dubai, it’s important to understand the requirements, fees, and procedures involved. This article aims to provide you with a detailed guide to help you navigate the process smoothly and ensure a legally recognized union.

Requirements for Civil Marriage in Dubai:

In Dubai, there are certain general requirements for Civil Marriage in Dubai (pre- marital) that need to be fulfilled regardless of the individuals’ nationality. These requirements include:

  1. The bride’s approval: It is necessary to obtain the consent of the bride for the marriage to proceed.
  2. Emirates IDs: Both the bride and groom must possess valid Emirates IDs, which are issued by the government of the United Arab Emirates.
  3. Valid Passports: Valid passports are essential for both individuals intending to get married.
  4. Visa status: The visa status of both parties should be taken into consideration. At least one person involved in the marriage contract must have a valid UAE residence visa. It is recommended to check the visa validity using the UAE visa status enquiry.
  5. Pre-marital health screening certificate: A pre-marital health screening certificate is required for both the bride and the groom. This certificate needs to be obtained from DHA (Dubai Health Authority) primary healthcare centres. The purpose of this screening is to ensure that both individuals are in good health before getting married.

It is advisable to consult with the marriage lawyers and seek legal advice to ensure compliance with all the necessary requirements for civil marriage in Dubai.

Civil Marriage for Non-Muslim Expats in Dubai

Non-Muslim couples who wish to get married in Dubai can now obtain their civil wedding licenses within 24 hours, thanks to a new federal decree-law that took effect on February 1, 2023. This initiative was introduced by Dubai Courts and is called the “Civil Marriage for Non-Muslims” service. Its purpose is to regulate family matters for non-Muslim foreigners by applying civil principles to family cases, provided certain requirements are met.

  1. To be eligible for a civil marriage license in Dubai, both parties (husband and wife) must be non-Muslims and at least 21 years old. 
  2. Additionally, one of them must have a residence in the emirate of Dubai. 
  3. The couple must also provide evidence of their single status. 
  4. Either the individuals themselves or a representative acting on their behalf must be present during the application process.

It is important to note that applicants must submit their original identification documents along with all electronic documents in PDF format. If any documents are in a language other than Arabic, they must be translated by a legal translator approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice and duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the United Arab Emirates.

Legal Wedding Cost in Dubai

When planning a wedding in Dubai, it’s important to consider both the legal costs and the overall budget for the event. The legal costs associated with getting married in Dubai include:

  1. Premarital screening test: This test is mandatory and helps ensure that both individuals are free from certain communicable diseases. The cost of the premarital screening test can range from AED 250 to AED 900 per person, depending on the clinic chosen. VIP clinics tend to have higher fees.
  2. Court charges: The marriage process, including solemnization, is carried out at the courts in Dubai. The court charges for marriage solemnization can be up to AED 1800.
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) attestation: Certain documents required for the marriage process may need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The fee for attestation by MoFA is AED 160.
  4. Legalization process in the home country: The process of legalizing a marriage in the home country can vary in cost depending on the country’s specific procedures. Each stamp required for legalization in the home country can cost around $45.

When planning to get married in Dubai, it’s essential to consider the specific costs associated with the legal processes involved. In addition to fees for marriage registration and documentation, couples should also budget for other wedding-related expenses such as venue bookings, receptions, decorations, catering, and more. It’s important to note that these requirements may be subject to change and additional documents or procedures may be necessary based on individual circumstances. To ensure compliance with all necessary requirements for marriage in Dubai, it is highly recommended to consult with marriage lawyers and seek legal advice.

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