The Fascinating World Of Eidetic Memory: Exploring The Psychology And Definition Of Photographic Memory

The Fascinating World Of Eidetic Memory: Exploring The Psychology And Definition Of Photographic Memory

What is eidetic memory? How is this different from photographic memory? Some tips for improving eidetic memory.

How To Create A Fantastic Eidetic Memory?

Few can instantly remember and reproduce what we see – images or photographs, read text. But people capable of such effective memorization exist, and the rest consider it a unique gift. So naturally, the ability to quickly memorize the information received positively affects the educational process and professional activities. Today we will give an eidetic memory psychology definition and discuss how you can create a wonderful world in your mind.

Eidetic Memory Is A Unique Ability

First, let’s talk about eidetic memory characteristics. It is a specific function that helps to instantly remember various information, for example, large text, an arrangement of images, or numerical order in an arbitrary sequence. Often this ability is considered photographic memory, which is regarded as innate. This function becomes less effective as most people age and sometimes wholly disappears. In childhood (up to four years), about 10% of children have this ability, but adults get only 0.1%. This age-related decline in idealism is associated with developing verbal and tactile functions.

What is eidetic memory? If a person wants to activate (restore, develop) this ability, then it is necessary to create the most favorable conditions for this, namely:

  • eliminate bad habits;
  • systematically engage in physical exercises but without overload;
  • regularly spend time outdoors;
  • establish a balanced diet;
  • minimize stress conditions;
  • constantly participate in board games that promote the development of memory, imagination, and logical thinking.
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Most chess players have an eidetic memory, using which they can memorize many games played and calculate their own and their opponent’s chess moves much ahead. The Definition of eidetic memory says that anyone can have this fantastic feature.

Existing Conditions Affecting The Presence Of Eidetic

What is the difference between photographic memory VS eidetic memory? A tiny percentage of people have a photographic memory, but almost all consider it innate. Undoubtedly, this is so, but a certain number of prerequisites contribute to the development or appearance of eidetic memory.

Firstly, a person who finds themself in a stressful state can restore the events of the experienced state to the smallest detail. It is due to the sharp activation of some brain regions that control figurative memorization. Thus, stress became an activating factor for the emergence of eidetic memory.

Secondly, there is a genetic predisposition to photographic memory. That is, the eidetic ability is inherited.

Thirdly, special techniques contribute to the development of photographic memory, and many people actively use them, having good results in memorization. The difference between eidetic memory VS photographic memory is that the methods for their development can differ, even though they are both manifestations of visual memory.

Let us draw your attention to the fact that having a photographic memory but not maintaining it with special exercises, regression may occur, and the recovery process may take a long time. Therefore, if it is taken for granted for you to memorize a text of several hundred pages, then losing your eidetic ability, your life can change dramatically.

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Research has proven that eidetic memory sometimes manifests itself randomly. For example, a person can ideally remember information from a professional activity. Still, they will need help recalling several products he needs to purchase in a store.

What Is Needed For The Effective Development Of Eidetic Memory?

For the ability of photographic memory to manifest, it is unnecessary to wait for stressful circumstances. Several recommendations favorably affect the human body.

First of all, take part in board games, many of which contribute to the efficient functioning of the brain. These are games that require concentration of attention, memorization of images or locations of objects, and the use of logical thinking.

Intellectual training, in which it is necessary to extract a large amount of information received, will also be helpful. Also, pay attention to solving crossword puzzles; this will help the brain to be regularly active.

Another effective way to develop photographic memory is visualization and association techniques. These methods increase the effectiveness of visual memory, indirectly affecting the overall memory of the human brain.

An important factor influencing the ability to eidetic memory is a person’s physical and psychological health and natural predisposition, which must be systematically maintained. By the way, all methods to improve the efficiency of photographic memory are recommended to be used only in a good mood.

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memoryOS Mobile App As The Best Tool To Improve Memory

For those who prefer to increase their ability to memorize using the screen, we recommend various computer games aimed at developing the memory abilities of a person. One such way is the memoryOS gaming application, where memory enhancement is provided in a fun way. This application has received many awards and distinctions. Using the memoryOS application, you can develop your cognitive abilities, improving your quality of life.


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