Casino Etiquette: Five Things You Should Know

We’re all probably quite used to playing casino games in our pyjamas these days. After all, the rise of online gameplay has been quite incredible, to the point where we’re often found loading up the Casino Netherlands app and enjoying an hour or so of roulette.

Interestingly, it’s leading to more and more people seeing the casino as a viable option of a night out, putting on the gladrags and hitting the tables of London, Manchester, Birmingham and beyond.

But, of course, a real-life casino is very different. You’re not going to get away with wearing your loungewear or nipping off to the toilet half way through the roulette wheel spinning. In fact, there are certain elements of casino etiquette you need to be aware of…

Don’t keep your phone out

Long has been a rule that you don’t have your phone out on the casino floor. Casinos don’t want pictures being taken of the insides of their building, largely because of fears you may be casing the joint. After all, we’ve all seen Ocean’s Eleven.

There are also many other reasons as to why phones, and in particular smartphones, are banned from the casino floor, so keep them in your pocket or bag to avoid a tap on the shoulder from security.

Don’t drink too much

Casinos and alcohol do often go hand-in-hand. In many cases, you may even be given complimentary drinks. That doesn’t mean you can go all-in on them though, if you pardon the expression.

Keep it steady, and know your limits. You will be asked to leave if you are considered to have drunk too much, while it’s not going to be good for your gameplay either. You need a clear head.

Make sure you bet and cash out properly

Every table will have a minimum and maximum bet you need to adhere to, while you also need to wait to bet until the end of a hand is completed. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure how it works. In this instance, the best thing to do is to find a quiet table and simply ask for help from the dealer on what to do.

Do know the rules

Similarly, it’s important to know the rules of games before joining a table, especially a busy one.

Get to know the basics of games before you start playing them. Some table games may have slightly different rules from casino to casino and table to table, but as long as you have a grasp of the basics you’ll generally be fine.

Win with class, lose with grace

Perhaps most importantly, is control yourself on the wins and losses. Sure, be excited, be thrilled when you pick up a prize pot, but don’t go crazy, after all, there will also be losers on your table.

It’s all about staying classy, and that should come whether you’ve won or lost.