A Review of 2023’s Best Games That Test Your Brain

When it comes to testing your wits and improving the strength of your mind, there are very few tools that will be better than games to help build up those mental muscles.

Of course, there is a plethora of great brain-building game options available to you in 2023, which is why this article aims to point out and review some of the best options available to you.


You’re sure to have heard of this sensational game since it went viral toward the end of 2021, but Wordle is a fantastic game to help you improve the strength of your mind. After all, the core game of Wordle requires you to plumb the depths of your memory and effectively analyse your options to figure out what the word of the day is.

Bottom line, engaging with the puzzle of wordle helps to encourage you to build your memory, recollection, and analytical skills, all while having fun and possibly improving your diction and reminding yourself about words that you might not necessarily engage with as often as you’d otherwise like.

Live Poker

Alternatively, if you are interested in testing your wits against an intelligent, adaptive opponent, then you can’t go wrong with a good game of poker. This classic game is the perfect blend of strategy and chance so that it always keeps you on your toes as a player.

What’s more, with the advent of live games from online casinos like jackpot city nz, it is easier than ever to find a game of poker to test your wits and improve your abilities. Just be sure to look for a reliable online casino, like Jackpot City, which will prioritize the safety of your information and provide you with a range of quality games.

Poker isn’t even the only online casino game that could help you to beef up your brain, so why not hop online and have a look at the options?


Speaking of classic games, there are very few that are going to be better for building your brain than Sudokus. After all, there is a reason that Sudokus are still so incredibly popular today. 

Not only are they an entertaining way to spend your time, but they are also a brilliantly challenging form of puzzle that can help to keep your mental acuity up. Plus, the core concept behind a Sudoku is so charmingly simple that you shouldn’t ever need to ask yourself whether you are doing it right.

The Witness

Finally, if you are looking for an ideal blend of difficult puzzles and a relaxing ambiance, then you couldn’t ask for a better game than The Witness

When you wake up on the picturesque island that is the setting of The Witness, you don’t remember anything about your past. However, as you slowly work your way through the puzzles (of which there are more than 500), you begin to unravel the story of the game, all the while getting a great workout for your mind.

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