Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 54 Latest Updates, Spoilers and Official Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Release Date
Dragon Ball Super Release Date

“Dragon Ball Super is one of the most popular animated series that is loved by every kid and teen all over the world. The “Dragon Ball Super” is Japanese Manga Animation Series that the Dragon Ball Franchise Creator Akira Toriyama Writes. It has a huge number of fans and supporters in many countries. They support the series on social media platforms as well as through the festivals.

Dragon Ball Super Release Date
Dragon Ball Super Release Date

This “Dragon Ball Super” is moving continuously with its exciting story towards chapter 54. All the viewers have the excitement to know what will happen in the upcoming episodes. Our expectation for this week’s chapter is more than the last few weeks. The series is moving forward at a slow pace than it should have. Let us see if the series will live up to the fans’ expectations or not.

In the last chapter, we did see the involvement of piccolo and others in the fight. In the meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta were continuing towards the ending. So with this much level of excitement and suspense of what is going to happen in this month’s chapter, Fans are waiting with bated breath to know the storyline of the upcoming chapter 54.

“Dragon Ball Super” Updates and Release Date:

You will not have to wait for the upcoming chapter for long as the next chapter’s scan will premiere on 20 November 2019. This month’s V-Jump Magazine is all set to be out on 21 November 2019. Please stop reading Online mangas if you do not want to know spoilers about the next chapter. If you are okay with knowing the spoilers then you can read further more details.

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As the V-jump Magazine releases there are spoilers all over the internet at the same time. Thus you have to be more careful until you watch the full episode of the next chapter.

The next chapter will bring much excitement for you. You will be happy to know that there will be more fighting and training among the super Saiyans. There will be some moments in which you will be shocked to see the intense fighting of Goku and Vegeta.

The upcoming chapter will surely leave you shocked, surprised, and with thrilling suspense. The story will be more focusing on Goku’s Fighting for the ending. Chapter 54 will be more of a must-watch chapter which you will like for sure.

If you like to read the manga online more before watching it. Then you must visit the Jump App or Mangaplus App to read Chapter 54 of “Dragon Ball Super”.