How to See Deleted Likes on Instagram A Quick Guide

Instagram has revolutionized the way people share photos, videos, and stories with friends, family members, and other Instagram users.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram users have been able to ‘like’ any post or comment made by other users to express their appreciation or agreement with the content.

But sometimes, these likes are removed or deleted, and finding out who liked what post or comment can be difficult. Thankfully, there are a few ways to see deleted Likes on Instagram to get the full picture of engagement on a particular post or comment.

This quick guide will look at a few methods to help you see deleted Likes on Instagram.

What Are Deleted Likes?

When an Instagram user removes a ‘like’ from a post, it is called a deleted like. It is important to note that while the person who removed the ‘like’ will be unaware, those who have already seen the post or commented on it will be able to see that the ‘like’ has been removed.

This may result in an awkward moment if the person has already engaged with the post. However, it may also simply mean they had changed their mind after seeing other responses to the post.

Deleted likes happen for multiple reasons, such as when a user finds out some information about another user that changes their opinion about them or when someone posts something controversial and wants to remove themselves from being associated with it.

Additionally, users can delete likes if they made a mistake by double-tapping accidentally. If you want to know how many people liked your post and how many later chose to remove their likes, you need access to additional tools beyond what Instagram provides in-app.

Fortunately, several solutions are available so you can understand why and how often your posts receive deleted likes.

Reasons Why People Delete Likes

People might delete likes for various reasons, although this can indicate that they are trying to hide something or avoid embarrassment.

For example, someone may have accidentally liked an old post they wish they hadn’t, or they may want to distance themselves from a controversial post. Furthermore, someone may feel uncomfortable if they are the only person to have liked a post and delete their like out of embarrassment.

Deleting likes could also be a sign of regret or be used to clean up their online presence by making it more “professional” or hiding certain posts from the public. Deleted likes could also suggest cyberbullying since some people may find this activity upsetting and embarrassing.

How to See Deleted Likes

Have you ever had an Instagram post with many likes and suddenly disappeared? It can be frustrating when you don’t know what happened to your likes. Luckily, there’s a way to see the deleted likes on Instagram.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to see deleted likes on your and other users’ posts. Keep reading to find out more.

Use a Third-Party Tool

To view a list of deleted likes on Instagram, it is necessary to use a third-party tool. Independent developers develop these tools and are not endorsed or affiliated with Instagram. However, a third-party tool is the most efficient and reliable way to view a list of deleted likes on Instagram.

Third-party tools are generally easy to use, though it depends on the developer. Typically, these apps require you to create an account and then log in with your Instagram credentials so that the app can access your data.

Once connected, you can view a list of all your deleted likes sorted by date and time and any associated comments or messages sent when the like was given.

Some third-party tools may also provide additional information, such as usernames and account information associated with each like or message, which can help you track down who liked your post.

Use Instagram’s Archive Feature

Instagram’s Archive Feature is an easy way to view posts and Likes that have been deleted from your timeline. To use this feature, go to your profile, then tap on the three-bar icon in the top right corner. From here, you can select “Archive” from the menu.

The Archive page is divided into two tabs: Posts & Liked Posts. Move to the “Liked Post” tab to see your deleted likes. Here, you can view all of the Likes you sent on Instagram, even if they have been deleted from your original timeline.

If you come across a liked post that has since been removed due to a user deleting it or being hidden by Instagram Content Moderators, it will still appear on this page, but you will not be able to see its full content as it has been removed from Instagram’s platform.

That said, even though you can’t see the post content anymore, this feature allows you to keep track of what you have liked in the past. It provides a great way for users looking to explore posts they may have enjoyed at one point but don’t necessarily want them appearing publicly anymore.


It is possible to check past likes on Instagram. However, it’s important to note that you cannot see likes made by other users.

You can view your likes and saves, but not those of other people. This makes it difficult for Instagram users to know what posts are popular with their followers or who liked which post.

Instagram keeps track of all the actions taken on its app, so you can view your past activity by visiting the Activity page on Instagram.

However, this only gives a general breakdown of your overall activity rather than specifics like a list of who liked what post or when they liked it.

Unfortunately, no current way to view deleted likes and saves on Instagram exists. If you want to know what content has been well-received or which posts have had a significant amount of engagement, then this inability to access this information can be a significant drawback for businesses and influencers trying to measure their success on the app.


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