How To Get a Celebrity To Follow You on Instagram


Before you undertake the task of trying to get a celebrity to follow you on Instagram, it is important to do your research. Find out what the celebrity’s interests are, look into the content they post, and get to know them better.

By doing your research, you’ll be able to come up with a better strategy when it comes time to reach out to them. Let’s discuss the research that needs to be done first.

Identify the celebrity you want to follow

The first step when determining how to get a celebrity to follow you on Instagram is to identify the celebrity you would like to follow. The celebrity you choose must be someone whose content and interests align with your own.

Take some time to get familiar with their profile, learn about the type of content they post, and find out what activities or topics pique their interest.

Once you have chosen a celebrity, make sure to research how often they post and any recent changes in their account history such as new collaborations or brand partnerships.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your efforts to engage with the celebrity are well-timed and impactful.

Identify their interests

Having a celebrity follow you on Instagram is an exciting prospect, but it requires patience and diligence. The first step is to identify the interests of your chosen celebrity so you can develop content that appeals to them.

Research which topics they commonly comment on or post about and create relevant content around them. Keep in mind that celebrities receive thousands of requests each day, so your feed must stand out to get their attention.

Additionally, it will help your chances if you genuinely share their interest in the topic or cause they are trying to promote. Commenting on celebrities’ posts can also be beneficial; thoughtful comments show them that you understand why they post what they do and that you are engaged with their work.

You could even direct-message them if it feels appropriate and try to engage with them individually. Be sure not to overdo it though; excessive messages and comments could be considered invasive or annoying.

Find their contact information

Once you have identified potential influencers that you would like to follow on Instagram, the next step is to locate their contact information. This can be challenging since many celebrities and influencers do not make their contact information readily available.

One method that has proven successful is to find a celebrity publicist. Publicists are professionals who help manage a person’s public image and reach out on their behalf.

Connecting with the right person through a celebrity’s PR team could help you get the desired result of having a celebrity follow you on Instagram.

When searching for contact info, you may have success finding emails, social media accounts, or an official website associated with your chosen celebrity/influencer. Visit these sources and see if they feature any contact information.

If they do, be sure to draft up a formal message that explains why your target should follow you (i.e.: why your content will be influential).

There are also websites specifically designated for connecting with influencers, such as AspireIQ or Famebit by YouTube. These sites provide tools that make reaching out simpler and more accessible for aspiring influencers like yourself!


If you want to get a celebrity to follow you on Instagram, the best way to do that is by connecting with them. Make sure to comment on their posts, engage in conversations with them and follow them.

This will help you build a genuine relationship and connection with the celebrity and show that you are a fan and admirer of them. Additionally, you can also send them a direct message or an email.

Follow their account

A tried and true way to get a celebrity to follow you on Instagram is to follow them first! By following their account, you are letting the celebrity know that you are an engaged fan who enjoys their content. You can also comment on posts and interact with their stories to make yourself more visible.

The next step is to create high-quality, engaging content. Celebrities often keep an eye out for inspirational accounts when looking for new people to follow.

You should focus on posting content that is interesting, funny, or beautiful—the kind of content that will attract a wider audience than just your friends and family.

Make sure your posts have good lighting and captivating visuals while conveying a story that resonates with viewers beyond just yourself.

Lastly, it’s important to post regularly. Building up your follower count can take time so be patient but consistent in producing captivating content that will help draw attention from individuals within the same industry as the celebrity you’re targeting.

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It may not happen overnight but if you keep at it, sharing personal stories through photography or written posts, then eventually you may have the chance to grab that celebrity’s attention!

Interact with their posts

Interacting with a celebrity’s posts on Instagram can be one of the most effective ways to get their attention. Start by engaging with their latest posts.

If you feel comfortable, start a conversation in the comments, give your opinion on the artwork they share, or make fun suggestions for funny clips and stories they post.

They will quickly see that you are an active user and interact with them back. You can also react to their stories and polls or even tag them in your post or stories that you think they may find interesting. All of this will help draw the celebrity’s attention toward you and will increase the likelihood that they may follow you back on Instagram!

Comment on their posts

Making an effort to comment on posts from the celebrity you would like to follow can be a great way to draw attention to both you and your page. Doing this also allows for a conversation and shows the celebrity that you’re interested in their content.

Try not to leave generic comments, instead, make sure that your comments have some thought behind them. Providing compliments or even thoughtful questions will more likely come across favorably and potentially convince the celebrity that you are worth following.

Remember not to overextend yourself either, leaving multiple comments can appear desperate or annoying, so try and limit yourself to two-three meaningful comments per post.

Another bonus tip is when making comments familiar with popular hashtags related to their post, as celebrities may use lists of hashtags on their posts to get more followers – using words applicable to these may give you greater visibility when they do a hashtag filter check!


Engaging with celebrities on Instagram is a great way to get them to follow you back. Commenting on celebrities’ posts, sharing their content, and liking their images can increase the chances of getting their attention.

Additionally, engaging with other people who follow the celebrity and sharing what they post can help you create a better impression as well. Let’s dive into some more tips on how to get a celebrity to follow you on Instagram.

Tag them in your posts

Tagging your favorite celebrity in one or more of your Instagram posts is one of the easiest and best ways to get a celebrity to follow you.

When you tag someone in a post, it sends a notification to them – so by tagging them, you are making sure that they know about you and your profile. If they like what they see and believe that it’s worth their time to engage with your content, then they can click the Follow button.

However, just simply tagging a celebrity isn’t enough – you should make sure that the posts in which you are tagging them are relevant to their interests and have high-quality content which will make them want to know more about you.

Additionally, make sure that the tone of your captions is polite yet genuine as this creates an impression that you genuinely care about talking with them.

Another way for getting closer to celebrities on Instagram is by commenting on their posts. It not only shows that you appreciate their presence online but also allows them to reply or even start a meaningful conversation about something relating to both of your mutual interests.

Share their content

One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase your chances of getting a celebrity to follow you back on Instagram is by sharing their content. Showing you’re a fan is probably the best way to get noticed and encourage them to engage with you back.

Make sure that when you share any of their posts, it’s genuinely something that you enjoy. To increase interaction, comment on the posts as often as possible and make sure that your comments are meaningful, friendly, and polite.

It’s also a good idea to use one or two relevant hashtags when sharing content from the celebrity – this will increase visibility amongst other fans looking at these specific hashtag topics.

Try to share several pieces of content from your chosen celebrity in a week – an ideal target might be two-three posts in that time frame – but don’t overwhelm yourself either! Being consistent over time is more important than trying to blitz through hundreds of shares in one go.

Finally, remember that engagement doesn’t always lead directly to a follow back – so focus on sharing quality content for yourself too!

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Reach out to them via direct message

Reaching out to a celebrity via direct message on Instagram is a great way to start a conversation. Keep in mind that celebrities can get hundreds of messages each day and are likely very busy, so they may not respond right away or at all. It’s important to keep the message short, courteous, and relevant.

You don’t have to compose an essay — simply introducing yourself and mentioning why you think they may be interested in following you is often enough. Try not to be too pushy or aggressive, as this could put them off and ruin your chances of getting a response.

Make sure you check their online profiles for any details about how they prefer to be contacted first before sending a message — this can save you from unnecessary hassle and potentially increase your odds of getting them to follow you back.

Build a Relationship

Getting a celebrity to follow you on Instagram starts with building a relationship. You should start by having meaningful conversations with them, such as commenting on their posts or engaging in conversations in the comments section.

Once you’ve established a connection, you should try to interact with their content often and share content that you think they may be interested in. Additionally, you can also send them direct messages with your kindest compliments which will make them more likely to follow you back.

Offer them something of value

One of the best ways to get a celebrity’s attention is to offer them something of value. Reach out to celebrities with messages that demonstrate your respect for their work, and offer them something in return for following you.

For instance, if you are a photographer or social media manager, showcase your work and express what you could do to improve your own Instagram presence.

You can also contact key players in the industry who can introduce or refer you. If they see any value in befriending you and being connected to how it could benefit their career, they may be willing to accept your offer or follow your advice.

Keep in mind that celebrities have close-knit teams who provide input on their careers, so make sure the message is tailored to each team member’s expertise.

When writing the message, start by introducing yourself and explaining why you think their work is inspirational. Also, be sure to highlight what makes you unique from other admirers — emphasizing similar interests or experiences can establish a more personal relationship.

Lastly, make sure there are no strings attached; too much pressure can tell a celebrity that your message is not genuine and that could potentially ruin any chance of them following back.

Show genuine interest in them

When trying to build a relationship with a celebrity on Instagram, the first step is to show genuine interest in them beyond just the idea of getting them to follow you. Interact with the things they post, comment on posts from fans, and create thoughtful messages about how you appreciate their work.

Commenting on posts made by other accounts about them is also a great way to get noticed.

Show your support for their journey and what they have accomplished – don’t just focus on asking them to follow you or giving an opinion or critique. Use this opportunity to form a connection with them and demonstrate that you are invested in their story.

It takes time and effort but it’s worth it if you want to develop an authentic relationship with this person, as opposed to treating them as just another number or follower.

If they begin responding regularly, acknowledge those responses and keep your interactions positive – while maintaining professionalism – so they remember the positive energy associated with talking with you!

Interacting directly is always the best way to stand out from the crowd depending on their style of communication and following etiquette specific to interacting online can help build trust over time.

Keep the conversation going

When trying to get a celebrity to follow you on Instagram, it is important to remember that this is a two-way conversation.

Reaching out and starting the conversation is only the beginning – it can take time to nurture a relationship and develop trust. With that in mind, here are some tips for keeping the conversation going:

  1. Interact with their posts: Use compliments, comments, or questions after they have posted some content to show that you are interested.
  2. Show genuine interest: Let them know what you admire about them or the work they do by including personal insights into your messages about their work or posts.
  3. Give compliments: People like positive reinforcement, so be sure to share genuine praise when warranted on milestones or new projects.
  4. Send thank-you notes: After receiving responses from them, be sure to thank them for taking the time to read and reply – even if it’s brief.
  5. Offer words of encouragement: Celebrate their successes with emoticons and words of support – this helps create a bond between you two.
  6. Retweet their updates: It lets them know you were paying attention and that you’re engaged in the conversation. It also gives more eyes on their content which helps boost visibility.
  7. Promotion: Offer your followers an opportunity to get involved for mutual benefit such as collaborations, guesting appearances, etc…
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Monitoring celebrities on Instagram can be a good way to get their attention and increase your chances of getting them to follow you.

It involves keeping track of their posts, reactions from their followers, what they are talking about, and any new opportunities that may arise. This article will provide some tips on how to monitor celebrities on Instagram and how to get them to follow you.

Monitor their activity

To increase your chances of getting a celebrity to follow you on Instagram, it is important to keep track of the posts and stories they share. This can help you create relevant content and be ready when the celebrity shares something that you can reply to or comment on.

For example, if they post a picture of themselves with their family, you can comment with a friendly message expressing your admiration for how close they are as a family. This will make them notice you and might even kick-start an interaction with the celebrity!

You should also pay attention to their scheduling so that when they post, especially from events or trips, you will be ready to respond in time.

Responding as soon as possible gives celebrities the impression that you are engaged and active on their account. That could make them more likely to follow you back!

Respond to their comments and posts

When audiences notice and comment on the content you post, it’s important to respond in a timely, professional manner. Depending on the nature of the comment or post, your response may need to be tailored accordingly.

Understanding the tone of a comment or post can help you decide how you want to respond. If the message is overwhelmingly positive and does not require a response, consider liking or reacting to it as an acknowledgment.

If there is something negative or accurate enough for you to take ownership of in the comment or post, then aim for an appropriate resolution.

Whether responding in person or online through text, it’s important to be nice and keep a friendly tone throughout communications to get your desired outcome from any exchange. Start with a sincere thank-you for taking the time to share their feedback with you.

Show appreciation with your words — most people will understand that mistakes are out of your control and that if something needs correcting, then together you can remedy it quickly and efficiently!

Send them occasional messages to stay on top of mind

To stay on top of mind with your favorite celebrities, it is important to send occasional messages to remind them of who you are. It may take more than one message for them to reply or follow you back, so sending several messages can ensure that your profile does not get forgotten.

However, don’t bombard them with too many emails as this may seem too aggressive. Always start conversations by introducing yourself and sharing why you’re a fan of their work. Ask questions about their life and career, and show genuine interest in their opinions (do this by commenting and liking their recent posts and stories).

Share complimentary stories or experiences that connect with your favorite celebrity’s work. You can also share creative projects, original content, or the latest news related to them in the hopes that they will recognize the effort you’ve gone to show that you are a fan and offer a response — even if it is not a follow-back right away, let alone an invitation for coffee!