8 Ways To Fix Message Blocking Is Active Error On Iphone

Facing the frustrating “Message Blocking Is Active” error on your iPhone? In this section, we will dive into the reasons behind this error and provide you with a clear understanding of its implications.
Additionally, we will explore the possible causes that trigger this error, equipping you with the knowledge to troubleshoot and resolve the issue effectively. So, let’s unravel the mysteries surrounding this error and find the solution you need.

Key Takeaway:

  • Understanding the “Message Blocking Is Active” error: This error message indicates that the ability to send or receive text messages on an iPhone is blocked or restricted. It is important to understand the causes of this error to find the appropriate solution.
  • Possible causes of the error: The “Message Blocking Is Active” error can be caused by various factors such as carrier restrictions, incorrect messaging settings, software issues, or network problems. Identifying the root cause is crucial for troubleshooting.
  • Solutions to fix the error: One solution is to use a tool like Reiboot, an iOS system recovery tool, which can help resolve software-related issues that may be causing the error. Other troubleshooting steps include checking messaging settings, contacting the mobile carrier for assistance, or resetting network settings on the iPhone.

Understanding the “Message Blocking Is Active” Error

The “Message Blocking Is Active” error can be a common issue for iPhone users. This error indicates that messages can’t be sent or received. To fix this, it’s important to know the possible causes.

One cause could be certain features like call blocking or message filtering enabled on the device.

These settings can stop messages from coming and going. Another cause could be a software glitch within the messaging system.

To fix this, users can use a tool like Reiboot. Reiboot is an iOS system recovery tool that can address various iOS-related issues, including message-blocking errors. It can reset settings and resolve software glitches that may be causing the error.

In addition to Reiboot, there are other potential solutions. Users can try disabling call blocking or message filtering.

They can also try restarting the iPhone or checking for software updates that might help.

Possible Causes of the Error

Message Blocking Is Active errors on iPhones can be caused by many things. Possible causes can include:

  • Carrier Settings: Incorrect settings on the iPhone from the carrier.
  • Message Blocking Service: Carrier has blocked messages.
  • Software Glitch: A problem with the messaging app or device software.
  • Incompatible App: A third-party app could conflict with the default messaging app.

Identifying which cause is the culprit to fix the error properly is important. Other unique factors may cause the error and require further investigation or technical support.

Solutions to Fix the Error

Face the frustrating “Message Blocking is active” error on your iPhone head-on with effective solutions.

Discover how Reiboot, an iOS system recovery tool, can come to your rescue in resolving this issue.

Get ready to say goodbye to the error hindering your messaging experience on your iPhone.

Using Reiboot: An iOS System Recovery Tool

Reiboot is the perfect iOS system fix for when you’re met with the “Message Blocking Is Active” error on your iPhone. To restore your messaging, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Reiboot on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable.
  3. Launch Reiboot and select “Repair Operating System” from the main interface.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the repair process.

This guide explains how Reiboot can be an effective iOS system recovery tool. Download and install the software, connect your iPhone, launch Reiboot, and select “Repair Operating System” to start the repair. On-screen instructions will take you through the necessary steps to restore your iOS system.

Reiboot stands out from other tools due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive repair options.

It’s specifically designed to fix issues like the “Message Blocking Is Active” error on iPhones without any data loss or disruption to device functionalities.


The reference data can help us find ways to get rid of the “Message Blocking is active” error on an iPhone.

First, check if message blocking is enabled. If yes, disable it. Restarting the iPhone may also help.

Updating the carrier settings could be the answer. Old settings can cause the error.

Clearing the message app cache is a good idea. Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages. Change the period to empty the cache.

Finally, resetting the network settings can work. Go to Settings > General > Reset. Then, reset the network settings.

In summary, several ways exist to fix the “Message Blocking is active” error. By following these steps, users can get back to normal messaging.

Some Facts About 8 Ways to Fix Message Blocking is Active Error on iPhone:

  • ✅ The “message blocking is active” error on iPhone can be caused by the user or the recipient blocking the phone number. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Insufficient storage on the iPhone can also result in a message-blocking error. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Checking and adjusting iMessage settings, such as turning off, can help resolve the issue. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Resetting network settings on the iPhone is another troubleshooting step that can fix the message-blocking error. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Using third-party iOS system recovery tools like Reiboot can effectively fix the message-blocking error. (Source: Tenorshare)

FAQs about 8 Ways To Fix Message Blocking Is Active Error on iPhone

What does getting a “message blocking is active” error mean?

The “message blocking is active” error means that the number you are trying to text has been blocked somehow.

This could be due to the number on your block list, parental controls, carrier issues, or other factors.

Why is message blocking active?

Message blocking can be active for various reasons, such as having the number on your block list, parental controls restricting messaging, carrier issues, service outages, or specific phone plan limitations.

How do you fix that message blocking is active on iPhone?

To fix the “message blocking is active” issue on an iPhone, you can try unblocking the phone number by going to the settings menu, selecting “blocked contacts,” choosing the contact, and unblocking them.

If the issue persists, it may be related to your mobile provider or SIM card, so contacting them for support is recommended.

How can I enable premium SMS access to resolve message blocking on Android?

To enable premium SMS access on Android, follow these steps: Go to Settings, select Apps & Notifications, choose Special app access, select Premium SMS access, choose the messages app, and select Always Allow. This should help resolve Android’s “message blocking is active” error.

What should I do if I cannot send a message due to blocking?

If you cannot send a message due to message blocking, you can try calling the person instead or check if they are on your block list.

If the issue persists, there may be technical difficulties with your mobile service, so contacting your mobile provider for assistance is recommended.

How do I unblock a phone number to fix the message blocking an active error?

To unblock a phone number on Android and iPhone, access the settings menu, find the option for blocked contacts, and select the contact you want to unblock.

This should resolve the “message blocking is active” error if a blocked number causes it.


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