Greys Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Slams Netflix for Not Paying Residuals to Actors

Greys Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Slams Netflix for Not Paying Residuals to Actors

As we all know now, SAG AFTRA Strike has delayed so many shows and filmmaking as well as release – it is a fight against lower wages and so many other injustices happening for a long time. Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy has slammed Netflix for not paying actors and artists for their residuals. The entire incident is quite interesting and exciting. Also, it is indeed to be appreciated how she is speaking up for all the actors and getting on against such a huge platform too openly. 

Why Ellen Pompeo Slammed Netflix?

She is on the side of all those actors who have worked with Netflix, but the online streaming platform has not yet paid residuals to those actors. Recently, some actors played various characters in the popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black regarding lower wages. 

Regarding that and some other successfully running shows – despite being successful, Netflix still needs to pay those actors their residuals. So this is about helping actors who played their part, did their job, and haven’t yet received their pending payments. 

What did the Actress turned Producer Do?

She shared her meme from playing the lead role in the Grey’s Anatomy series, where she posed with crossed arms over her chest. It is from a famous episode where a patient came in with a bomb lodged in his chest. Also, she tagged the official @netflix in the post and wrote the caption, “Me when there’s a 💣 in the chest cavity.” 

Ellen Pompeo also took the screenshot of the same post, a meme of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Also me when @netflix doesn’t pay actors residual holla let’s talk.” 

Greys Anatomy: From the Beginning

Ellen Pompeo gained international exposure through her role in ABS’s superhit and one of the longest-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. She plays the titular role and has gained millions of fans from across the globe.  She has also turned into one of the executive producers after working for the series for so many years. The series premiered for the very first season in the year 2005.

Fans are waiting for Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 to release soon. But due to the current SAG-AFTRA strike, it will be delayed for an unexpected time duration. Upcoming Greys Anatomy Season 20. Despite playing the lead role until the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is now focusing more on being one of the show’s producers than an actor.