Gigi Hadid Was Spotted in Public Since Arrest for Marijuana Possession

Gigi Hadid Was Spotted in Public Since Arrest for Marijuana Possession

The last time Gigi Hadid – a popular Victoria’s Secret model, was seen in public was when she was arrested for marijuana possession. It was when she was going on a vacation in the Cayman Islands along with her friends. She wasn’t seen publicly since the arrest was made and was taken into custody for questioning. Recently, she was seen for the first time since her arrest was made. 

Gigi Hadid was Seen in Public

Gigi was seen at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Newyork while catching a flight. It was on 25th July 2023. There has been quite some time since she was seen in public. It is because of the incident involving her being arrested for marijuana possession. She received quite a backlash from fans and media while the incident took place, and on top of that, she wasn’t seen in public for some days. 

What was the incident? 

She was flying to go to the Cayman Islands with some friends. While going, she was arrested at the airport for having a considerable amount of marijuana. She was even taken into custody for questioning and then arrested. Since that arrest was made, she was not seen in public. Some say it is because she has been enjoying her vacation in the Cayman Islands. But we’re not sure. 

What was she wearing?

Gigi was seen in a simple look while she was at the airport. She wore a simple cream crop top, a matching shrug, and distressed blue jeans. She paired this look with a pair of red sneakers from Converse. While carrying such a simple and casual look, she showed off her chiseled abs and looked as stunning as always. 

She also shared some details with fans about going to watch the currently trending Barbie movie. But there has been no news about that. Gigi hasn’t released any further updates regarding the Barbie movie or whether she went to watch the movie or not. 

Who is Gigi Hadid?

Gigi is a supermodel and has been working on ramps for years. She has been associated with Victora’s Secret for a long time. She has also been seen walking on ramps for many leading designers. She has also been limelight because of her relationship with the famous singer Zayn Malik. They recently parted ways after a feud involving so many factors in it. The duo also shares the custody of a two-year-old daughter, Khai.