Gigi Hadid Was Giving Away Taylor Swift Bracelets to Fans at The Eras Tour in LA 

Gigi Hadid Was Giving Away Taylor Swift Bracelets to Fans at The Eras Tour in LA 

As of now, everyone knows the popularity of global superstar Taylor Swift and her current ongoing The Eras Tour 2023. So many celebrities have been attending the concert throughout various cities with their friends, spouses, and kids and enjoying themselves along with thousands of Swities there. Recently, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Gigi Hadid was seen in Santa Clara attending the Taylor Swift concert and enjoying herself. 

Gigi Hadid at Taylor Swift Concert

So many records have been broken by Taylor Swift and her historical musical tour, The Eras Tour 2023. The tour itself has been a global phenomenon, and when more celebrities are added to it, fans are super excited about it. Recently, Gigi Hadid, a famous supermodel, was seen at the Taylor Swift concert in Santa Clara. The tour boosted the US economy and broke all the records of such a musical tour in history. 

Gigi and Taylor: Long-time BFFs

Singer Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid have been BFFs for a long time. Their friendship has been over a decade long, and they have been close for a long time. They have been spotted on various occasions supporting each other throughout their career. Taylor Swift has also been seen at many fashion shows where Gigi is presenting, and most of the time, she is the shop-stopper where Taylor is there to support her. 

“Swifties” Were Going Crazy over Gigi’s Bracelets Giveaway

Gigi attended the concert along with her makeup artist friend Patrick Ta on a Friday night. It was the perfect Friday night for Gigi Hadid, and she enjoyed the concert to the fullest. Patrick also shared some photos of the concert while Gigi gave away friendship and Taylor Swift bracelets to fans. Also, Gigi was wearing too many bracelets on both hands and looked like a crazy Swifty – Taylor Swift fan, like millions of others. 

When asked about it, Gigi said that she wants to attend as many tours as possible, and while she is at it, she said she is “a psychopath at a Taylor Show.” Victoria’s supermodel also added that “I go nuts. I am not cool at all. I am like the most embarrassing friend.”

She wasn’t wrong because she seemed like a crazy fan who was totally into herself and enjoying the show, giving away many bracelets and picks to fans and everyone around her. Taylor Swift’s fans, who are also fans of Gigi, were excited when they saw Gigi coming to the concert and being a “Swifty.”