Why giving flowers tends to respond to very specific dates. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or births are usually the most common celebrations that involve this type of gift. But why give flowers only in those moments? Why deprive ourselves of having fresh flowers at home? And it is that this gesture, decorating a space with cut flowers, is another of the abandoned traditions that have begun to take on renewed prominence. 

Although before a home was not understood without the presence of a bouquet of flowers, for years the practice was abandoned. Something that was replaced by the use of artificial flowers. 

But let’s be honest: no matter how many tips for decorating with artificial flowers people follow, nothing can ever compete with the beauty of the natural flower. Let’s see, then, seven reasons why give birthday flowers at any time. Seven who are looking for nothing more than to make enjoy, both to the one who gives and who receives them.

They convey our emotions, one of the main reasons why give flowers

The flowers speak for themselves. And, on many occasions, they are our best ally to say many things without words. Because it is clear that whoever gives flowers is always driven by positive and beautiful emotions. 

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Either out of love, understood in many ways; as a show of support or simply looking to make someone else happy. Whoever receives flowers understands perfectly that, behind a bouquet or a plant, there are beautiful feelings. And what would this world be without sharing them with the people you care about!

They improve mood

Nature makes us feel peace and joy. Contact with her recharges our batteries and renews us. And for the same reason, this factor is essential when wondering why give flowers. Receiving them can change a person’s emotional state. They are synonymous with surprise, joy and happiness. Because what is it if not to be happy more than those little moments?

It is a unisex gift

As much as giving flowers has been limited to women for decades, make no mistake. They also enjoy these types of gifts, and the presence of natural flowers. So, whether for him or for her, do not hesitate because giving flowers will always be a success!

Why give flowers? Because they are the most natural!

Perfect for nature lovers. For those who live a more sustainable life, in line with respect for the Planet.

They are perfect to celebrate anything

Snapblooms.com is convinced of it. Oblivious to that calendar that guides when it is due, yes or no, to give flowers; Doing it for no apparent reason turns any given day into an unforgettable one. For example: if they consider giving flowers to someone who opens their house, they will always remember that that was their present on the first visit.

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But let’s not get confused, because why giving flowers is not only for special moments. Any day is perfect to surprise. To make a Monday a more beautiful day, or a rainy day a happier one. Because the most beautiful gifts are precisely those that are not expected. And for that alone, it is worth doing it by giving flowers.

It is impossible not to get it right!

One of the trickiest things when giving away is hitting the bull’s-eye. Giving is more of a headache because, beyond the intention itself of the present, a single objective is sought: that it likes. 

And, when it comes to the world of flowers, it is practically impossible not to find the right one for each person. For the incredible versatility of the plant world and its variety, do not be afraid. Either by type of flower or colors of a floral composition, you can hit the nail on the head.

You can buy your flowers through a screen

Why giving flowers is getting easier. Gone is the excuse of not having arrived at a florist on time, or not being able to choose the flowers we want due to lack of supply. Thanks to the snapblooms.com, giving and enjoying is just one click away.