Wakfu Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Latest Updates, and Everything

Wakfu Season 4

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Latest Updates, and Everything

Wakfu: The Animated Series is a French animated television series. The show was produced and developed by Anthony Roux. Currently, the show runs for three seasons, and millions of fans are eagerly waiting to watch the fourth season of the Wakfu series.

In addition, the show has also received a positive response from the audience. It has received a very positive response from the audience. Wakfu, The Animated Series, has received 8.1 out of 10 on the IMDb platform.


If you are fond of animated action, thriller, fantasy, and comedy-drama, Wakfu will entertain you in all aspects. Here, we have added all the necessary information about the Wakfu series. This article has provided the possible release date, trailer updates, cast, and a brief storyline about the Wakfu series. Read the complete article to get all the details about the fourth season of the series Wakfu.

Title Wakfu: The Animated Series
Genre Fantasy, Adventure
Production Company Ankama Animation
Based on Dofus video game
Director Anthony “Tot” Roux
Character Designers Xavier “Xa” Houssin, Kim “Tcho” Etinoff
Number of Seasons 4
Number of Episodes 65
Original Release October 30, 2008 – present
Animation Software Adobe Flash
Language French
English Dub Kickstarter campaign launched in 2014
Spin-Off Mini-Wakfu
Notable Episodes “Noximilien l’Horloger”, “Ogrest, la Légende”
Streaming Platform Netflix

Wakfu Season 4 Release Date 

Wakfu: The Animated Series is a complete set of animated action, comedy, and fantasy drama series. The show revolves around intense adventure drama. We have received three seasons of the show, and fans are wondering whether the show will return for a fourth season.

However, the first season of the Wakfu series premiered on October 30, 2008, and concluded on June 5, 2010. Later, the show was renewed for a second run and aired on February 26, 2011.

A couple of years ago, the show was released for its third season, and in 2020, Ankama announced that Wakfu Season 4 would premiere as the final chapter of this series. However, it’s been more than four years, and we have not received the fourth season of the Wakfu series. We can expect it to be released by the end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024.

Wakfu Season 4 Storyline – Spoilers Ahead

Wakfu Season 3 got very positive reviews from critics. It seems that Wakfu Season 4 will also receive a very positive response from the audience.

At the end of the third season of the series Wakfu, we see that the brotherhood of the Tofu, as well as the demigods, join forces to stop Oropo from killing the gods in a final battle that will decide the fate of the World of Twelve, and also the universe.

Later, after a climate battle, Oropo activates the Hyperzaap. After that, in a last act of self-sacrifice, Echo tries to use her power to send the group of Yugo, and later, the Demi-Gods though the Hyperzaap, leave her and Oropo, and the fact is, Oropo still loves her, to die because the Eliacube creates a big black hole that destroys Oropo’s dimension.

After that, Yugo and his friends discover themselves in Inglorium, the realm of the gods. Let’s see what happens next. Maybe the story of the third season of the series Wakfu will be continued in the fourth season of the series Wakfu.

Wakfu Season 4 Cast Members List 

  • Fanny Bloc as Yugo
  • Jules de Jongh as Yugo
  • Genevieve Doang as Evangelyne
  • Thomas Guitard as Sir Tristepin Percedal
  • Adeline Chetail as Amalia Sheran Sharm
  • Ross Grant as Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove
  • Keir Stewart as Rubilax
  • Patrick Bethune as Ruel Stroud
  • Jessica Bell as Amalia Sheran Sharm
  • Hugo Chandor as Ruel Stroud
  • Eric Meyers as Remington Smisse
  • Joanne Ruiz as Adamai
  • Tom Clarke Hill as King Oakheart
  • Andonis Anthony as Master Goultard
  • Julie-Ann Dean as Flopin
  • Arthur Bostrom as Skribble
  • Joe Mills as Alibert
  • Fiona Clarke as Elaine
  • Cedric Dumond as Prince Armand
  • Damien Da Silva as La Carte
  • Mathias Kozlowski as Grany

Wakfu Season 3 Episode Title List

  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 01 – Fallen Heroes
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 02 – Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 03 – Oropo’s Tower
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 04 – Beastly Girl
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 05 – A Lop Hides Himself to Cry
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 06 – The Ecaflip’s Scratching Post
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 07 – Pinball Hazard
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 08 – Arpagone
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 09 – The Sadida Temple
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 10 – When the Walls Fall Down
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 11 – Oropo
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 12 – The Hyperzaap
  • Wakfu Season 3 Episode 13 – Inglorium

Where to Watch Wakfu Season 4?

You can watch the series Wakfu on France 3 and France 4. The series Wakfu has arrived on these platforms. All three seasons of the series Wakfu have arrived on France 3 and France 4.

Since the show makers have confirmed that the fourth season will arrive soon, we can expect the fourth one to arrive in France 3 and France 4. Let’s see what happens next.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Wakfu Season 4?

As discussed above, the show makers have not confirmed the official release date for Wakfu Season 4; we can not predict the exact number of episodes for the upcoming season.

However, let’s look at the previous releases. We can see that the makers have released approximately 26 episodes for Wakfu Seasons 1 and 2, and the latest season premiered with thirteen episodes. Therefore, we can assume that the fourth season will also consist of approximately thirteen episodes.

Wakfu Season 4 Production Team Members 

The series Wakfu stars Fanny Bloc, Jules de Jongh, and Genevieve Doang. It is based on a tactical turn-based MMORPG titled Wakfu. Anthony Roux created the series Wakfu. Ankama Animations, France Televisions, Frakas Productions, and Pictanovo developed it.

The series Wakfu was written by Anthony Roux, Olivier Vannelle, Anne-Charlotte Roux, Thomas Astruc, Eric Herenguel, Olivier Thulliez, Julien Magnat, Romain van Liemt, Laurent Bramardi, Davy Mourier, Monsieur Poulpe, Tom Gobart, Nicolas Devos, and D. Latil.

It was directed by Anthony Roux, Olivier Thulliez, Fabrice Nzinzi, Wilfried Pain, Azad Lusbaronian, Arnaud Dewaele, Julien Bachelet, Christophe Bulteel, Nicolas Detrain, Fafah Togora, Eunyoung Choi, and Atsushi Takahashi.

Wakfu Season 4 Official Trailer Release 

No doubt, Wakfu: The Animated Series is one of the most highly anticipated and successful drama series. Even after receiving positive responses from the audience, the show makers have a loose grip on the consistency of the releases. Not only that, despite announcing the fourth season as the final chapter of the Wakfu series, we have not received the official trailer for Wakfu Season 4.

However, if you haven’t watched the earlier seasons of the Wakfu series, click on the link above and watch the official trailer for Wakfu Season 3. We will update you with the latest information once the show makers announce the official trailer for the fourth season.

Final Thoughts

Wakfu is completely worth watching. It includes an amazing story. It has received a positive response from the audience. As we get any other update about it, we will add it here.

Check out this website regularly to get the latest updates and news, and do not forget to add a bookmark to this website. Stay tuned for the next update.