Sony and Microsoft develop AI-powered imaging chip

Sony AI chip image sensor

Sony recently announced a sensor that integrates an artificial intelligence processor.


Sony and Microsoft have teamed up to develop focused solutions for AI cameras.

The companies announced their union on May 18 through a press release, explaining that they will incorporate the capabilities of Microsoft Azure AI, a cloud computing service based on Microsoft’s AI, in the Sony IMX500 image sensor recently introduced. This sensor is, according to Sony, the world’s first image sensor to contain a pixel chip and a chip dedicated to AI signal processing. The combination of both technologies will allow the Sony IMX500 sensor to be able to capture the image and at the same time analyze the scene and determine what is seen in it using artificial intelligence.

“Video analytics and smart cameras could lead to better insights and business results in a wide range of scenarios for companies,” Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president and chief marketing officer for Microsoft, said in the statement. “Through this partnership, we combine Microsoft’s expertise to provide trusted business-class analytics and artificial intelligence solutions, with Sony’s recognized leadership in the image sensor market, to offer new opportunities to our customers and mutual partners.” he added.

It is a solution focused on the business customer that requires the installation of several cameras and that, for example, could be used in a retail store to alert of shortages or in factories to detect possible potential hazards for employees such as falling objects.

It is not the first time that Sony and Microsoft have come together to seek joint solutions. In May 2019, the two companies (rivals in the world of video games) announced a strategic alliance to use the cloud and improve their services streaming of content and games.

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