James Gunn Gives Perfect Response To Marvel Criticism of Martin Scorsese

James Gunn Gives Perfect Response To Marvel Criticism of Martin Scorsese

James Gunn Gives Perfect Response To Marvel Criticism of Martin Scorsese

It is confirmed, and we all know that it is the best age of the comic book movie and especially for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films.

The popularity of Marvel Cinematic Universe Films is increasing rapidly. Back in 2019, the Goodfellas filmmaker and revered Taxi Driver named Martin Scorsese tries to take a big dig at the genre at the time when he announced that Marvel movies are not cinema movies; they are like theme park movies.

The writer and director of the latest and popular film, The Suicide Squad – James Gunn, has perfectly responded to the criticisms of the filmmaker.

Martin Scorsese has tried to claim that the movies of MCU are not true cinema. After that, many fans of the MCU fired back to Martin Scorsese because of his statement.

But later, James Gunn perfectly replied to the statement made by Martin Scorsese. James Gunn said that he is continuously coming out against MCU in order to get press for his movies.

He tries to make his movies in the MCU films’ shadow in order to get attention. After realizing the force of his words, James Gunn states that he is a fan of Martin Scorsese, he is one of the great filmmakers, and I love his movies.

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Later, James Gunn also wanted to say that he does not think that Martin Scorsese is off the mark and added that he said many things which I agree with, and there are many other things that are true.

Martin Scorsese tried to sting several fans and filmmakers after saying that the MCU movies are not true cinema.

James Gunn said, “I love you, Martin Scorsese, but hear me out here?”. James Gunn added, “I think you know, he just seems like awful cynical, and you know, he will try to coming out against the MCU again in order to get attention towards his movies.”

It seems that Martin Scorsese has said a lot about the MCU movies, only to get attention towards his movies. If we get any other update about it, we will add it here. So, make sure you visit this website daily.

Let’s see the tweet by James Gunn.

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