ImMATURE Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and Everything 

ImMATURE Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and Everything 

ImMATURE is an Indian comedy-drama series that revolves around school teenagers and thier love of chemistry. If you are looking for a complete entertainment package to enjoy your weekends with your friends, ImMATURE is the perfect option. 

The show runs for two seasons, and the show has also received a positive response from the audience. For instance, the ImMATURE series has received 8.7/10 ratings on the IMDb platform, which is more than enough for a show to be renewed for a further season. 

If you have already enjoyed shows like Flames, Kota Factory, and College Romance, then the ImMATURE Series will entertain you more than anything. This article has compiled all the information you need about ImMATURE Season 3. Here, you will get the possible release date, a list of cast members, a brief storyline, and trailer updates for ImMATURE Season 3. 

ImMATURE Season 3 Release Date

Currently, the showrunners have released two seasons of ImMATURE Series, and many fans are expecting a third installment for the show. However, the show makers have not shared the official release date for ImMATURE Season 3. 

However, the renewal of a show or series often depends upon the success of the previous releases, and ImMATURE seasons 1 and 2 have received good responses from the audience. 

We can assume that makers will drop a third season of the ImMATURE series. The first season of the ImMATURE series premiered on MX Player on February 20, 2019. Later, the show was renewed for a second season and released on February 26, 2022. Now, fans wonder whether the ImMATURE Season 3 will be released by the end of 2023. 

Unfortunately, the creators have yet to announce the official release date for ImMATURE Season 3. But still, we can assume that the upcoming season of ImMATURE will be released by the end of 2024 or in the first half of 2025. 

ImMATURE Season 3 Plot Synopsis – Spoilers Ahead

The plot of the ImMATURE Series starts with three friends, Dhruv (Omkar Kulkarni), Kabir (Chinamay Chandraunshush), and Susu (Visshesh Tiwari). The trio has recently joined the 11th standard, and here, the lead character, Dhruv Sharma, sees a beautiful studio girl, Chhavi (Rashmi Agdekar), and starts developing a love connection with her. 

Later, Kabir told Dhruv to get a good bike to impress Chhavi, but when Dhruv convinced his parents to get a bullet bike, his parents presented him with something that no one had imagined. 

In the later episodes, Dhruv’s life went on a mission to simultaneously give him a perfect blend of suspense, surprise, and shock. Initially, he participated in an annual day drama where he realized that the character he would perform came out as a brother of Chhavi, and then he took his name out of the drama.

Amid love and chemistry, Dhruv and his friends also learn about Chhavi’s boyfriend, Shantanu. Not only that but in the finale of ImMATURE Season 1, Dhruv also gets to know that Chhavi is going to Kota for her further studies. Overall, the ImMATURE series is the complete package of light-hearted comedy drama and a romantic storyline. 

ImMATURE Season 3 Cast Members List 

The showrunners, Dr. Krishna Prasad, Abhishek Yadav, and his team, have featured prominent cast members for the ImMATURE Season 3. And since the show premiered for the second season on February 26, 2022, many fans are curious about the cast members for the forthcoming season. 

We have provided a complete list of ImMATURE Seasons 1 and 2 cast members. The below-mentioned cast members will return for the third season.  

  • Omkar Kulkarni as Dhruv Sharma
  • Visshesh Tiwari as Master Susu
  • Chinamay Chandraunshush as Kabir Bhuller
  • Rashmi Agdekar as Chhavi Upadhya
  • Vikranth Thanikanti as God
  • Deepak Kumar Mishra as Lucky Bhaiya 
  • Kannika Kapur as Chhaya
  • Dilip Meralal as Golewala
  • Sameer Saxena as Dhruv’s dad
  • Komal Chhabaria as Dhruv’s mom
  • Paltu as an Old lady on Walker
  • Jitendra Kumar as Drama Teacher
  • Vijay Rawal as Karan
  • Sachin Negi as Nukkad
  • Nidhi Singh as Sonam Miss
  • Biswapati Sarkar as Hindi Teacher
  • Ranjan as Ranja
  • Himika Bose as Nandini/Natasha
  • Jaimin Panchal, a student in class
  • Nikhil Vijay as Shantanu Mehra
  • Gopal Datt as Vice Principal
  • Pradnya as kid with Shantanu
  • Nidhi Bisht as Aishwarya Miss

ImMATURE Season 3 Episode Title List

Since the creators and cast members have yet to reveal the official release date for ImMATURE Season 3, we have added the complete list of episodes of ImMATURE Season 2. 

  • ImMATURE Season 2 Episode 01 – Time For a Change
  • ImMATURE Season 2 Episode 02 – Sambhog Shastra
  • ImMATURE Season 2 Episode 03 – Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja
  • ImMATURE Season 2 Episode 04 – Chhayajaal
  • ImMATURE Season 2 Episode 05 – A Night to Remember

Where to Watch ImMATURE Season 3?

Just like Flames and other teen romantic-comedy drama series, ImMATURE is another rom-com drama series with a unique storyline and cast members’ performances. Right now, the ImMATURE Series runs for two seasons. 

However, if you have recently discovered this web series and are eager to watch all the episodes of the ImMATURE series, then head to the MX player and stream all the previous releases of the ImMATURE Series. Moreover, if there is a third season of the ImMATURE Series, it will also be released on the same platform.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In ImMATURE Season 3?

Generally, the number of episodes for an upcoming season often relies on production factors. It includes the production process, screenwriting, and the length of the core concept around which the makers want to deliver the show. 

But for now, the showrunners have not disclosed the official release date and number of episodes for ImMATURE Season 3. But still, according to previous seasons, we can expect that the forthcoming season of the ImMATURE Series will also be released with five episodes. 

ImMATURE Season 3 Makers Team 

ImMATURE is an Indian-Hindi romantic-comedy drama series. The show was initially written by Dr. Krishna Prasad, Nishaad Zaveri, Suprith Kundar, and Abhishek Yadav.

In addition to that, Prem Mistry has directed the show. While Jerin Paul has served as the ImMATURE Seasons 1 and 2 cinematographer. The Viral Fever also produced the ImMATURE Seasons 1 and 2. 

ImMATURE Season 3 Official Trailer Release

Currently, the show runs for two seasons, and many fans are expecting the show’s renewal for a third season. Apart from since the show concluded with the second season on February 26, 2023, many fans are looking for the official trailer of ImMATURE Season 3. 

However, even after receiving positive responses from the audience and reviewers, the show makers still need to share the official trailer for ImMATURE Season 3.

But still, here we have added an official trailer of ImMATURE Season 2. Click on the above link and watch the ImMATURE Season 2 official trailer. Furtherahead, whenever the showrunners release the official trailer for ImMATURE Season 3, we will add it here. 

Final Thoughts

So here is the conclusion of this section. Hopefully, you have read all the information about the ImMATURE Series. 

The show has undoubtedly received positive responses from the audience and reviewers, but the makers have yet to reveal the official release date for ImMATURE Season 3. 

But you don’t need to worry about your favorite shows. We will add all the latest information in this article as soon as we get the updates from the production team members. Until then, enjoy the earlier seasons of the ImMATURE series.  


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