Hijack Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Hijack Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Hijack is one of the Thriller miniseries released on an Apple Tv+ streaming platform and was created by Jim Field Smith and George Kay. The series has one of the very famous personalities Idris Elba, the lead star of the Hijack Series. Season 1 of Hijack was released on 28th June 2023, with seven episodes, of which three were yet to release. So, it is difficult to guess the Hijack Season 2 between this period because the creators were all busy producing Season 1.

Also, the last episode of Hijack Season 1 will go to be released on the 2nd of August, 2023, and then after only, we will come to know whether there will be a Hijack Season 2.

Now, all the Hijack fans who are still eager to know everything about the Hijack series and its season 2 can read this article in which we have mentioned all the essential information such as its IMDb rating that is, its release date, storyline, cast members, and more.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s start discussing our article by knowing the potential release date for the Hijack Season 2.

Hijack Season 2 Release Date:

Hijack, a Thriller miniseries, newly released on 28th June 2023 on its Apple Tv+ streaming platform, consists of seven episodes. Even, the season 1 was not ultimately released, the audiences started predicting its upcoming season. 

Thus, it is tough for us to guess anything about Hijack Season 2, even though we are not sure about the renewal of the series for Season 2 because the entire production team where busy completing the production work of Hijack Season 1.

But, till that, here we have the release date of the last three episodes, which will be released soon, by 2023.

  • Episode 05: “Less Than an Hour” will going to be released on 19th July 2023
  • Episode 06: “Comply Slowly” will going to be released on the 26th of July, 2023
  • Episode 07: The last episode is still under process, so the makers have not shared the title name. But it will be released on the 2nd of August, 2023.  

Other than this, we are not having any updates about the Hijack Series Season 1, And thus, we all have to wait an extended period to know about its Season 2 too.

Hijack Series Storyline Overview:

Hijack is one of the thriller miniseries that Jim Field Smith and George Kay created. The series name is the only hint that it is entirely based on a Plane Hijack. So the season starts with a seven-hour journey from Dubai to London, which becomes harder and harder for all the passengers as the time and moment passes. 

Also, this complex plus challenging situation of all those passengers makes viewers excited to know about Hijack Season 2, whose happening is yet not decided by the makers due to the incomplete work of Hijack Season 1. 

Hijack Season 2 Expected Storyline:

As previously discussed, Hijack, an American Thriller’s newly released series, is ongoing. And the entire maker’s team was busy creating the remaining episodes of Hijack Season 1.

So, providing any exact information about the Hijack Season 2 was pretty challenging. Also, to share any predicted plot for its season 2 has no meaning for now. 

But we will try our best to keep you updated about the Hijack Season 2s latest updates. Until then, enjoy watching the Hijack Season 1, whose last episodes will be released by the end of 2nd August 2023.

Hijack Season 2 Cast Members:

We all know that Hijack is a newly released series and is still ongoing. Thus, it is challenging for us to add any other expected list of cast members.

So, here is the list of all the characters who have been playing the crucial role in Hijack Season 1; if there is season 2 of the Hijack series, then this character will rock the series. 

  • Idris Elba as Sam Nelson
  • Eve Myles as Alice Sinclair
  • Neil Maskell as Stuart Atterton / Gerald Taylor
  • Archie Panjabi as DCI Zahra Gahfoor
  • Christine Adams as Marsha Smith-Nelson
  • Mohammad Faisal Mostafa as Abdullah
  • Max Beesley as DI Daniel O’Farrel
  • Hattie Morahan as the British foreign minister
  • Ben Miles as Captain Robin Allen
  • Aimée Kelly as Jamie Constantinou 
  • Harry Michell as Hugo
  • Mohamed Elsandel as Jaden / Alexander Kier
  • Jasper Britton as Marcus Sutton
  • Zora Bishop as Deevia Khan
  • Kate Phillips as Collette Fisher
  • Nebras Jamali as Nasir
  • Jack McMullen as Lewis Constantinou / Ryan Cunningham
  • Fatima Adoum as Rashida
  • Holly Aird as Amanda
  • Mei Henri as Naomi
  • Jeremy Ang Jones as Arthur
  • Gretchen Egolf as Adelaide
  • Antonia Salib as Neela Leesha
  • Lucia Aliu as Lizzy Blakefield
  • Alex Macqueen as Tindall
  • Chantelle Alle as Kacey

But wait, guys, as it is one of the newly released series, there are huge possibilities that makers may introduce some new faces in its upcoming season to expand the storyline. Thus, to know the exact cast members list for season 2, we all have to wait for the end of season 1. Then, we will all learn about the Hijack Season 2 plans. 

Hijack Season 2 List of Episodes:

It is impossible to make any prediction about the running series season 2. But, as the Hijack Season 1 has seven episodes, we can say that if there were Season 2, it would also have only seven episodes.

Yet this is all a prediction; the confirmed news will only be announced after the completion of the entire season 1. But not to worry, guys, because until then, you can enjoy watching our previous seasons’ episodes, whose list we have already mentioned below, along with their titles, so that you can easily take an overview of the entire episode’s plot just by reading the title.

  • Episode 01: “Final Call” 
  • Episode 02: “3 Degrees”
  • Episode 03: “Draw a Blank”
  • Episode 04: “Not Responding”
  • Episode 05: “Less Than An Hour”
  • Episode 06: “Comply Slowly”
  • Episode 07: TBA

But, out of these seven episodes, only four were released, and the others are on their way to release. So, keep calm, and watch the four episodes until the three will release. 

Hijack Season 2 Latest Updates (2023):

Hijack is a popular Thriller miniseries created by Jim Field Smith and George Kay on the Apple Tv+ streaming platform. Also, in this series, the makers choose one of the fan’s favorite characters as the lead role, Idris Elba. 

The very first season of the Hijack Series was released on the 28th of June 2023 and also included seven episodes in season 1, and the last episode title, “Brace Brace Brace,” was just released yesterday, that is off on the 2nd of August 2023.

Thus, we are not having any new updates about the series season 1; even the makers still need to confirm the happening news for season 2. So, enjoy watching the Hijack Season 1 until any new updates regarding the Hijack Season 2 reveal. 

Also, stay connected with our website, as we share every official announcement about the series season 2 as and when it arrives. 

Where to Watch Hijack Season 2?

All the viewers who are excited to watch the Hijack series can go for the Apple Tv+ streaming platform, where all four released episodes are available. 

And the other three will also be released on the same streaming platform shortly.

Hijack Season 2 Trailer:

Well, guys, it is a bit tough for us to share any news about the Hijack Season 2 until the production work of Season 1 is ongoing.

But don’t worry; here we have shared an official trailer of Hijack Season 1, which you will enjoy watching. And I will also bring some updates for you as the makers release about the same. 

Hijack Season 2 Final Words:

So that’s all, dear readers; After reading this article, you now have complete information about Hijack Season 2, including the cast members, release date, storyline, etc. Also, we assume that the final happening or cancellation announcement will be announced after the completion of Hijack Season 1, which may take a few more months to finalize the series.

So, until then, you guys can enjoy watching the Hijack Season 1,  whose four episodes were already released, and the other three will release within a very short time.

And, for any further information, you guys can stay connected with our website, as we have daily posts and updates which provide you with all the latest information about every upcoming season and series.