Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date to be Announced by September 2021

Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date to be Announced by September 2021

Dead to Me should be on your watch list if you enjoy dark comedy series. Liz Feldman’s American black comedy sitcom has now completed two excellent seasons.

If you’ve seen Dead to Me Season 2 in its entirety, you’re probably wondering what happens following that thrilling cliffhanger.

Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) are injured at the end of Season 2 after their car is struck by another vehicle.

Ben (James Marsden), the driver of the second automobile, had begun a love connection with Jen. So what happens next in Netflix’s acclaimed dark comedy will be intriguing to see. The program has already been renewed for a third season by the streaming giant.

Dead To Me Season 3 Cast

Christina Applegate (Jen) and Linda Cardellini (Judy), who play the lead roles, will undoubtedly return. In addition, several of the other cast members, such as James Marsden, who plays Ben, Steve’s semi-identical sibling, will return.

There may also be some new additions to the lead cast. However, the final names are still being confirmed—other characters such as Charlie (Sam McCarthy), Henry (Luke Roessler).

Detective Ana Perez (Diana-Maria Riva), Nick (Brandon Scott), Jen’s neighbour Karen (Suzy Nakamura), Jen’s former real estate partner Christopher (Max Jenkins), mother-in-law Lorna (Valerie Mahaffey), and Pastor Wayne (Keong Sim) are expected to return for the new season.

Dead To Me Season 3 Release date

Dead to Me has been upfront about its release dates thus far, releasing in May for a two-year period.

Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic, the third season’s filming was often postponed. According to the most recent information, filming for the third season ended on August 2, 2021.

Given that comment takes 5-8 months, the new season is expected to premiere in the fall of 2021 or early in 2022. Our best guess for the release of ‘Dead to Me Season 3′ is March 2022.