Cook With Comali Season 4 Release Date, Contestant Name, Plot, Comalis, Episodes, and Everything You Need to Know

Cook With Comali Season 4 Release Date, Contestant Name, Plot, Comalis, Episodes, and Everything You Need to Know

Have you seen comedians and celebrities making delicious dishes on a reality show? Here, we have one such entertaining television show that will add mouth-watering flavors to your entertainment dishes. 

Cook With Comali is one of the most highly anticipated Indian comedy shows released in Tamil. Later, others also tried to release the show in Indian languages like Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali. It was initially aired on Star Vijay and later on Disney+ Hotstar. 

For the fans unaware of the most entertaining yet delicious Indian show, ‘Cook With Comali.’ here we have added complete this blog post, you will find Cook With Comali Season 4 release dates, a brief overview of the earlier seasons, contestant names, the Comalis, and trailer releases. 

Cook With Comali Season 4 Release Date

The Indian origin and one of the most entertaining competitive shows, ‘Cook With Comali.’ was presented by Rakshan. He is popularly known as VJ Rakshan. The Cook With Comali Season 1 was released on November 16, 2019. 

However, the first season started gaining popularity when the world faced the novel coronavirus. In 2020’s lockdown, the show gathered a large audience that helped the showrunners fetch 9.4 ratings out of 10 on the IMDb platform. 

As the show started receiving colossal love and respect from the audience and critics, the makers decided to launch further seasons, and they came up with Cook WIth Comali Season 2 (November 14, 2020) and Cook With Comali Season 3 (January 22, 2021). The makers have recently dropped the Cook With Comali Season 4 on January 28, 2023.

Cook With Comali Plot Synopsis – Spoilers Ahead

Everyone likes to enjoy delicious food and beverages, but some of them are inclined toward the process of making mouth-watering food. And, when shows such as entertainment and cooking combine, it will please one’s soul. Watching an individual who is amateur but funny in a healthy manner can be worked out as therapy. Therefore, Indian television came up with the shows like ‘MasterChef India,’ and, ‘Cook With Comali.’ 

In Cook With Comali, the makers came up with an entertaining idea. The show will feature famous comedians who are amateur cooks. They team up with the contestants and try to make flavourful dishes. But the show is not simple as that. Here, all the contestants and comedians need to perform several tasks, and the performance will decide their continuation of the show. Furthermore, the show also consists of experienced judges like Chef Damodharan and Chef Venkatesh Bhat. 

In addition, the makers have also taken care while scripting the overall show and its motive. They avoid offensive comments and try to become neutral. Apart from this, team members were paired with the Comalis, and they all competed with each other in Task 1 and Task 2. The show also announces some celebration rounds with no eliminations to safeguard a deserving candidate.

Since the show includes main tasks, it makes cooking harder for the new cooks, adding a sense of humor and excitement to the show. Moreover, the shoemakers also talk about the popularity of the show. They acknowledge their fan’s love and support for the show by mentioning the worldwide lockdown. After the release of three seasons in 2019, 2020, and 2022, respectively, the creators released the fourth installment of Cook With Comali. 

Cook With Comali Season 4 Contestant Name

After the massive success of Cook With Comali’s earlier seasons, fans are now interested to know about the contestants of the fourth season. Cook With Comali Season 4 was released on January 28, 2023. 

Below we have added a list of contestants for Cook With Comali Season 4. 

  • Vichithra
  • Sherin Shringar
  • Shrushti Dange
  • Mime Gopi
  • VJ Vishal
  • Raj Ayyappa
  • Kishore Rajkumar
  • Sivaangi Krishnakumar
  • Kaalaiyan 
  • Andreanne Nouyrigat

Cook With Comali Season 4 Episodes and Winner 

Last year, in 2022, Cook With Comali Season 3 was released with 54 episodes, and the show was telecast from January 28, 2023, to July 24, 2022. Shrutika Arjun was crowned the show’s winner in the third installment, and Darshan was titled the 1st Runner-Up. 

The show is in its fourth edition, and for now, the makers have released 22 episodes of Cook With Comali Season 4. The grand finale of Cook With Comali Season 4 is yet to release. 

Will There Be Another Season of Cook With Comali?

Renewal of any series or show largely depends on the popularity and audience’s demand. And in terms of both, Cook With Comali has gathered positive responses from the audience. 

According to previous trends, Cook With Comali has been released from 2019 to 2023, except for 2022. The showrunners will likely release Cook With Comali Season 5 in 2024. Still, there is no official confirmation announced from the creators. We will provide the latest information if and when the makers premiere the fifth season. Till then, enjoy the previous seasons of Cook With Comali. 

How Many Episodes Are There In Cook With Comali Season 4?

As discussed above, Cook With Comali Season 4 premiered on January 28, 2023, and the finale is yet to be released. Therefore, we can not claim the number of episodes included in the fourth installment. 

However, in the previous records, Cook With Comali’s show has remained quite unpredictable regarding the number of episodes. The first season aired on Star Vijay with 27 episodes, the second released with 41, and the third released with 54 episodes. Let’s see how many episodes will be released along with Cook With Comali Season 4. 

Where to Watch Cook With Comali Season 4?

Since this Indian television cookery show became a fan’s favorite and performed so well on national television charts regarding TRP, fans can’t keep calm to watch the entire show. 

However, some of you may not know about the show’s telecast and releases so you can watch Cook With Comali Season 4 every week on the Star Vijay channel. And, if you want to enjoy the previous seasons, then all the episodes are available on Disney+ Hotstar.  


  • How Famous Is Cook With Comali?

Cook With Comali is an Indian competitive show where celebrities and comedians participate and prepare mouth-watering dishes, and judges give their opinions. The show only received immense support during its re-telecast in 2020’s worldwide lockdown. 

  • Who Is The Winner of Cook With Comali Season 3?

Cook With Comali Season 3 was released on January 22, 2022, and famous Indian actress Shrutika Arjun won the show. 

  • Who Is The Chef In Vijay TV Cook With Comali?

Chef Damodharan K and Chef Venkatesh Bhat are the Cook With Comali Season’s judges. 

Cook With Comali Season 4 Trailer

A trailer is one of the most integral parts of any movie, series, or show. It will allow audiences to resonate with the show, cast, characters, and overall concept. As Cook With Comali has gained so much popularity within a few years, fans eagerly await the upcoming seasons’ updates and trailers. 

Cook With Comali Season 4 is currently running on Star Vijay, and you can also steam it on the Disney+ Hotstar platform. Also, the trailer for Cook With Comali Season 4 is available on YouTube. Here, we have added a link for the trailer.  


So that’s all you need to know about the Cook With Comali Season 4. The fourth installment is currently running on Star Vijay TV Channel, and you can also stream it on Disney+ Hotstar. 

Lastly, if and when the showrunners announce the upcoming block of the Cook With Comali show, we will add them here. So to keep updated with the latest information, check our website, The Bulletin Time, regularly. 

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