Class Season 2, Release Date, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Class Season 2, Release Date, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

The recently released series, Class Season 1, touches the heart of many of its fans. It is so popular amongst the other series, so the makers instantly decided to release another series of the Class series, that is, season 2 for the same. Generally, the Class series is a Hindi crime drama thriller series that Ashim Ahluwalia adapts, and its storyline is based on one of the Spanish series called Elite.

If we discuss the IMDB Rating recently released crime drama thriller series, “Class,” it is 6.2 out of 10. 

The entire series is shot at a fictional Hampton International school set in Delhi and continuously moves around the relationship between three working-class students and their wealthy classmates. 

Not only that, but the series is softly connected with many issues which affect today’s generation a lot, including Child Neglect, Homophobia, Income Inequality in India, Casteism, Religious Discrimination, and Corruption. 

Class season 1, released on 3rd February 2023 on Netflix, has eight episodes. And immediately after releasing this excellent series, season 1, the makers announced that Class Season 2 would also be there soon. 

Class Season 2 Cast Member:

In Class Season 1, fans have seen many new faces, and the viewers appreciate all the new faces for performing their best roles in the entire series. Thus, if we talk about the Casting member list for the upcoming season 2, then we are hoping that they will again get a chance to see all the faces of season 1 once again, which includes;

  • Gurfateh as Neeraj Kumar
  • Chintan Rachchh as Faruq
  • Naina Bhan as koel
  • Piyush as Dheeraj
  • Anjali Sivaraman as Suhani
  • Zen as Veer
  • Cwaayal Singh as Balli Sehrawat
  • Ayesha Kanga as Yashika
  • Madhyama as Saba, etc.

Although there are also chances of introducing more new characters, the information regarding the latest entries has yet to be released. So, let’s wait until the makers make any special announcements about their new casting members.

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Class Season 1 Overview:

Class Season 1 was released on 3rd February 2023, and it consists of eight episodes in it. The story starts with three friends, Bali, Dheeraj, and Saba, who was studying in the same local school, which was suddenly destroyed due to a severe fire incident. 

Then after an incident, all three are offered a Scholarship, which is imparted by Hampton International private school in New Delhi. And the Ahuja properties provide the scholarship, liable for the fire incident.

The very struggle for Bali, Dheeraj, and Saba is that they come from a local background, and now they have to set in a private organization, which is very difficult for them. So in the starting days, the three faced many challenges, including their senior students boycotting them. Also, all three are suffering from many more issues, like resentment, sexual attraction, envy, and especially with their imbalanced lifestyle.

Now, in the next season of Class, the fans will see the moment in which all three students take their stands to protect themselves from all kinds of misbehavior, and also, much more suspense is yet to reveal. So, let’s see what happens in Class Season 2, the expected storyline.

Class Season 1 Production Team:

As previously discussed, Class Season 1 is an adaption of a Spanish series named, Elite, adapted by a well-known director and executive producer, Ashim Ahluwalia, along with the other two directors, Kabir Mehta and Gul Dharmani.

Almost shooting of Class Season 1 was shooted in India (New Delhi), and the music was given by top-rated artists named Aditya N, Tubby, and Nayantara Bhatkal. 

Class Season 1 is also associated with the two production companies, Bodhu Tree Multimedia and Future East Film. Also, each episode lasts at least 44 minutes and a maximum of 59 minutes. 

Class Season 2 Expected Storyline:

As we previously discussed, the makers have announced the ongoing process of Class Season 2, but yet they have to share anything about the same. But we know that the fans are praising the star cast and cinematography of the series, and some reviews also state that India needs such talented stars.

Also, as per our assumption, the show will start again from where season 1 ended. The makers will also put their 100% effort into showing India’s different perspectives by sharing a few most critical scenes in the series. 

Other than this, we are still waiting to receive further information. Thus, the fans must wait a few months to know the exact storyline of Class Season 2. 

Class Season 2 Release Date:

The National Film Award winner and a great director Ashim Ahluwalia directed the Class series, based on the Elite series, initially released in Spanish.

After getting so much positive response for Class Season 1, the maker had already announced that Class Season 2 would also be released soon.

As the project is on its way, it and take a few more months to complete the production. Until that moment, fans have to wait for the upcoming season patiently, that is, Class Season 2.

Also, fans may get to see some thriller scenes in the upcoming season of the Class series. 

Where to Watch Class Season 2?

The primary streaming OTT Platform of the Class series is only on Netflix. But the viewers who don’t have an account on Netflix can also watch Class Season 1 on Jio Cinema, Hotstar, and Voot Platforms.

Also, the forthcoming season of Class, that is, Class season 2, will only be released on a Netflix platforming site.


When is Class Season 2 Coming?

Class Season 1 was released on 3rd February 2023, and the makers immediately announced that they would release Class Season 2 by 2023.

Is Class a Remake of Elite?

As discussed above, the Class series is entirely made up of one of the hit Spanish series, Elite.

How Can I Watch Class Series?

All the Class Series fans out there, here we have five OTT Platform for you, through which you can watch the complete Class Season 1, including;

  • Hotstar
  • Jio Cinema
  • Voot, and
  • Netflix (Official Streaming OTT Platform)

Class Season 2 Trailer:

We know that fans are hardly excited to see the first glimpse of Class Season 2. But unfortunately, the makers have yet to make any announcement regarding the Class Season 2 trailer release date.

Until then, you can look at the previous trailer and guess the forthcoming storyline of Class Season 2.

Final Words:

Class Series is an Indian crime drama thriller adapted by Ashim Ahluwalia, a great director. Also, the Class series is based on Spanish series named “Elite.” The series has perfectly described the story of three school friends struggling so much after changing their school from local to private. Also, the film’s creator has beautifully contained the soft part of some social issues that significantly affect the modern generation, including problems like Child Neglect, Income Inequality in India, etc.

Also, Class Season 1 touches the heart of many fans, and all the new faces get much appreciation from their fans. And; also patiently waiting to see Class Season 2, which will be released soon.

Now, stay connected with our website for all the further information regarding any new and upcoming series.