Cheer Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer, Latest Updates 2023, and Everything

Cheer Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer, Latest Updates 2023, and Everything

The OTT Giant Netflix is one of the most promising yet unpredictable platforms. Recently, it came up with numerous web series, shows, and renewals for the most demanding web shows, like, ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘You,’ ‘One of Us Is Lying’ etc. Still, many people wonder whether the officials will release Cheer Season 3.

Cheer is an American docuseries that combines the overall narrative of a Cheerleading team for sports. Greg Beck Whiteley created the storyline for the Cheer series. In addition to that, the Cheer series ran for two seasons and was released on Netflix. Also, Cheer has been rewarded with an 8.1 out of 10 rating on the IMDb platform. 

In this blog post, we will cover all the details that you want to know about Cheer Season 3. We will highlight the release dates, cast members, a quick recap of the previous seasons, and the trailer release. 

Cheer Season 3 Release Date

Since Cheer Season 1 was released on Netflix on January 8, 2020, fans have showered their love for such fantastic docuseries. With the audience’s expanding love and positive response, the showrunners decided to launch the second installment of the series. And therefore, Netflix released the second season on January 12, 2022. Both seasons have performed so well that fans now expect Cheer Season 3. 

Will the showrunners be back with Cheer Season 3? The answer is makers have yet to reveal the official release date for Cheer Season 3. Still, we expect the third installment to be released in the first quarter of 2024. Since the previous seasons have received so much love from the audience, the makers expect the same for the third season. 

Cheer Season 3 Brief Overview – Spoilers Ahead

Generally, docuseries combine the elements of documentary and serial drama. Here. Cheer is one such American docuseries created by famous American writer, producer, and director Greg Whitely. Apart from Cheer, he has also worked for 2016’s release Last Chance U. 

Here, the storyline focuses on Navarro College’s Bulldog Cheer Team. It consists of forty professional Cheer members who have topped nationally. As the story progresses, viewers are introduced to coach Monica Aldama, a professional Cheerleading coach. Under her guidance, they all prepared to participate in the Daytona Beach, Florida National Cheerleading Competition. 

However, the journey took work for them. The five members have to work extensively to win the competition. They won fourteen NCA National Championships and Grand Nationals in the initial phase. In the second season of Cheer, they portrayed the reality of the Cheerleading industry. 

Greg Whitely’s Cheer docuseries include jaw-dropping stunts, injuries, face-offs, and drama to entertain the audience. Further ahead, the Bulldogs Cheer Team competes with many opponents. Therefore, fans are expecting that there should be a renewal for the Cheer docuseries. Let’s hope for the best, and soon we get Cheer Season 3. 

Cheer Season 3 Cast Members

American docuseries Cheer runs two seasons, and the fans are expecting the third season for the same. The show includes American cheerleading coach Monica Aldama, Gabriella Butler,a.k.a. Gabi, Morgan Simianer, Lexi Brumback, and more. 

Here is the list of cast members of Cheer Season 2. 

  • Monica Aldama as Coach
  • Jerry Harris
  • Gabi Butler 
  • La’Darius Marshall
  • Lexi Brumback
  • Morgan Simianer
  • Shannon Woolsey
  • Mackenzie Sherburn

Further ahead, if and when the makers release the third season of Cheer, it will surely bring new talent and supporting characters. Whatever will be the news, we will update them here. 

Cheer Season 3 Episode List

At the moment, we, as fans, are out of luck. Unfortunately, no official announcement has been made for the third installment of the Cheer series. In the below section, we have provided an episode list of Cheer Season 2. 

  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 01 – Everybody Hopes 
  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 02 – Here’s to We
  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 03 – Dracut Girl 
  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 04 – The Hell Week 
  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 05 – Jerry 
  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 06 – Tumbling
  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 07 – The Mining For Tenths 
  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 08 – Daytona Pt. 1: Don’t Be That Guy 
  • Cheer Season 2 Episode 09 – Daytona Pt. 2: If The Judges Disagree

Still, whenever we get the authentic list of Cheer Season 3 episodes, we will add them here. 

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Cheer Season 3?

Cheer Season 1 was released on January 8, 2020, with six episodes, and the other installment was released almost after two years on January 12, 2022, with nine episodes. For now, the third season will be released with around ten episodes. 

However, the number of episodes depends upon various factors, such as the storyline, performances, and the situations of the drama. So, the upcoming installment of Cheer will bring more fun and drama. 

Cheer Season 3 Makers Team 

Successful series and shows often rely on cast members’ hard work and dedication, but we often need to pay more attention to the people behind the camera. Cheer is one of the most successful docuseries that aired on Netflix. The credits go to Greg Whiteley, who created the core concept of this series. 

Apart from him, the show has also featured talented actors and actresses whose performances paved the way for the success of Cheer Seasons 1 and 2. Besides the screenplays, composers like Yuri Tomanek and Joseph Minadeo gave soul to this docuseries by composing the theme music. Andrew Fried served as an executive producer of the series.

Where To Watch Cheer Season 3

The Bulldogs Cheer Team, its members, and a dedicated coach, Monica Aldama, will compel you to watch the seasons.

However, if you haven’t watched the previous seasons, you can stream it on Netflix. All the episodes are available on the Netflix platform. 

Cheer Season 3 Latest Updates 2023

Netflix’s sports documentary series, Cheer Seasons 1 and 2, has received exceptional responses from the audience and reviewers. Many fans eagerly await the show’s renewal for the third season. However, the showmakers have not revealed the official release date for Cheer Season 3.

Currently, the show has run for only two seasons, and fans expect the show will be released for a third season by the end of this year. But unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed from the makers’ side. According to some sources, the showmakers will drop the third season by the end of 2023. Moreover, if and when the makers announce the official release date for Cheer Season 3, we will provide you with all the latest updates.


  • Why Did Maddy Brum Leave Navarro?

Since Maddy has a complicated relationship with her father, she revealed that her father wouldn’t allow her to go to Navarro. 

  • Who Is Monica Aldama?

The 51-year-old Monica Aldama is an American Cheerleading coach. She was featured in the 2020s release,  Dancing With Stars Season 29, and Cheer Seasons 1 and 2. 

  • Will There Be Another Season of Cheer?

As of now, makers have not announced the official release date for Cheer Season 3.

Cheer Season 3 Trailer Release

As discussed, the showrunners have yet to announce the Cheer Season 3 release date; therefore, the official trailer is unavailable online.

Still, if anything about Cheer Season 3 is released from the makers’ side, we will update them here. Until then, click the link below to watch the Cheer Season 2 trailer. 

Final Thoughts 

So this is the outro of the Cheer Season 3 blog post. In a nutshell, Cheer is a complete package of drama, stunts, rivalries, and beautiful chemistry among the show’s characters. Artists like Monica Aldama, Gabi Butler, Jerry Harris, Morgan Simianer, Mackenzie Sherburn, etc., are regarded as this docuseries’ backbone. With the perfect combination of screenplays and cinematography, this series could get the mass audience it has right now. 

Finally, whenever the showrunner releases Cheers Season 3, we will add them here. However, you can stream it on Netflix if you haven’t watched the previous seasons. In the comment box, write your thoughts and opinions about the Cheer Season 3 release date and cast members.


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