Who Will Be This Season’s NFL MVP?

Who Will Be This Season’s NFL MVP?

Getting a Most Valuable Player award is the ultimate goal of every professional athlete in the NFL. Ever since 1957, the Associated Press has been presenting an MVP award to an NFL athlete that has worked hard and achieved great results during the season.

Last year, Aaron Rodgers won the 2020 NFL MVP award by putting up an all-time season while turning 37.

The ultimate MVP award is the primary goal of every athlete playing in the big league and it is like a cherry on top for rewarding a successful season.

Since we are halfway down the 2021/22 season, it is time to check out the odds of who is going to be the NFL MVP this year.

There are some big movements in terms of who is going to be on top of the table since the result is impacted by the player’s performance each week.

Tom Brady

Ever since the start of the season, Tom Brady has been a favorite for winning the NFL MVP award, and this trend continues until the middle of the season. The veteran superstar is still making some big moves in every game.

He is the sole leader on top of the table with odds of +225. He was surpassed by Josh Allen a couple of times this season, but Tom Brady has managed to stay on top, at least when it comes to odds.

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Brady is also the player in NFL history with most passing touchdowns. You can find who are the other in the top 10 here: https://edge.twinspires.com/nfl/top-10-players-with-the-most-passing-touchdowns-in-nfl-history/

Josh Allen

We’ve seen some big shifts when it comes to the NFL MVP candidate, especially after a dominant 366-yard performance by Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills. Most people consider him to be a favorite for winning the NFL MVP, but only time will tell if he manages to stay on top.

This year he has shined in his incredible NFL performance with 21 touchdowns and 2,811 and counting passing yards. He is one of the best players in the NFL right now.

Matthew Stafford

Here we have another quarterback that is a contender for the NFL MVP that currently plays for the Los Angeles Rams. With odds from +850 bookmakers consider that he has a real shot of getting his hands on the NFL MVP trophy this year.

To be honest, he had a surprising start of this career this season and continues to play really well. He is fourth when it comes to passing yards with 3,014 and 24 touchdowns.

Patrick Mahomes

Up next on our list according to odds is Patrick Mahomes II. He is a professional American football quarterback playing for the Kansas City Chiefs who are a real contender for participating in the Super Bowl next year.

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He started his career playing football and college baseball at Texas Tech University and climbed on the ladder becoming one of the best NFL players in the league. This year he had an amazing run getting 3,200 passing yards and 25 touchdowns. He is a crucial player for the Kansas City Chiefs and if doesn’t acquire any injury, he is definitely on the road to winning the NFL MVP award.

Dak Prescott

There is a tight game according to odds between Dak Prescott and Patrick Mahomes with +950. Playing for the most prestigious and expensive team in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys, he is an extremely talented individual that can find a blind spot in every team’s defense.

With 2,557 passing yards, this season and 20 TD’s he has proven to be an extremely valuable player for the Cowboys. With that said, he truly needs a miracle or some exceptional performance that could get him the NFL MVP trophy.

Final Words

All of these talented individuals are the best performing players this season and each of them has a chance to get their hands on the ultimate MVP trophy that will highlight his career.

However, we still have around three months until the 11th Annual NFL Honors takes place, so anything can change depending on each of the player’s performances.

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