What is RTP, and Why All Casino Players Should Know About IT?

Some players may be confused because of constant loss playing at the casino. But it is not strange if you don’t know about such an important fact as RTP.

RTP (Return to Player) means returning money the player spent on playing. Each slot machine at the yukon casino Canada and the like has a built-in program to return some funds spent. Usually, the RTP at the slot machines varies from 90 to 99%. 

What does RTP depend on?

The refund percentage depends on the casino policy and the country of registration of the provider. Most slot machines provide users with at least 93% RTP. Return to Player directly depends on the built-in parameters of the slot:

  • volatility, 
  • dispersion level, 
  • and the duration of the distance laid in the random number generator.

Slots with a low level of volatility provide an opportunity to get frequent wins but in small amounts. Highly volatile machines require a player to wait a long time to win, but the gambler will get tens or hundreds of times larger wins than the bet. High-volatility slots include slot machines with a jackpot function, which often have a fairly high return percentage (up to 99%). However, you can win a jackpot only during a long game, which requires spending a significant amount of money.

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How is RTP connected with a win rate?

The frequency of winnings directly depends on the RTP level and the slot’s volatility. It is crucial to understand that the casino does not care which machines the user will play on and how much money they will win because the club will receive its 5-7% anyways. Gamblers should analyze their balance before starting the game and choose a slot based on their financial possibilities. Frequent wins are possible on machines with a high percentage of return and low volatility, but they do not have jackpots. However, such slots will not hit your pocket hard in case of unsuccessful spins.

Many casinos have a separate section on their websites for so-called “hot” machines — slots that haven’t given out big wins for a long time, which means the rapid onset of dispersion — a period when not only the percentage of return works but also the random number generator gives out winning combinations.

Final words

You need to pay attention to the RTP (Return to Player) indicator when choosing a slot. Knowledge of RTP and slots’ volatility are the keys to successful online playing. You should check out the settings and the parameters of the machines before starting to play. It is also crucial to choose the slots with certain RTP depending on your budget.