The Division 2 and the Severing of Politics from Video Games

If people notice the bigger image of Division 2, they will find the premise to be far-fetched and ridiculous. Washing DC is locked down and lawless after a viral outbreak, and it is dependent on a person to restore order as well as rebuild that US freedom symbol. And it comprises rescuing the president too. There is a little issue with that principle. In 2019 in the United States, at a time when Donald Trump was historically unpopular, it became tough for lots of individuals to become fired up by the efforts of Division 2 to make America great once again. The White House was not much of a sign of the freedom of America when a tyrant occupied it. 

This is the prime reason the publisher of Division, Ubisoft, thought that this approach would work. The game, “Division 2,” is not making any political statements, Terry Spier, a creative lead, told Polygon in an interview in June 2018. The boldness of making such a statement regarding a game that is set in the ruins of Washington, DC. Ubisoft faced huge criticism after the story of Polygon was published. This was all before The Division was published, and players were using The Division 2 hacks to play it. 

In Division 2, players spray bullets all across the Lincoln Memorial steps when they take them from militarized fascists’ backs. The story of Division 2 is so added and spread all over the place, and it would have failed to develop an intelligible political declaration if it had attempted to do so. This is not the reason for which this game was written and what it does exist to do. 

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However, it does not signify that it is free of politics. This game is very much an item of the present socio-political surrounding where it was born. Its intrinsic over-the-topness gets hardened by a forbidding and often off-putting viewpoint on the intensity to which humanity can plunge. Bad Dudes works as it is stupid and light-hearted, and Division 2 habitually goes off the rails as it is stupid and unattractive. 

A player can view the distraction that is coded in lawless Washington. A few citizens of America, bereaved of hope, have arranged into some ruthless gangs that squish their principles all across the walls with crude signs and graffiti. An unlockable “found footage” clips deeper into the human misery of the story that shows some graphic signs of unacceptable murder and violence.

In a clip, a player sees a suicide bomber that says to his friend goodbye before he sees him round off before committing his ultimate act. In another, the emotionless gang leader hears a govt. Researcher and pleaded for his life. And in this matter, he assisted in planning the quarantine of Washington under covers.

Even the opening cinematic of Division 2 continues on the moment’s social politics, and it discusses how a person took over his comforts and luxuries for granted. Nonetheless, when fundamental infrastructure went well with it, then there was only one query that mattered much, and it was, “Did you possess a gun?”

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The clumsy story

The story happens to be clumsy at times when huge moments feel borderline disjointed. The majority of the dialogue washed over people as NPCs chatted in their ears with the unfolding of a blockbuster gunfight. The whole settlement of nonviolent survivors becomes wiped out at a point though the moment gets drowned by background noise action that a person did not even realize. And he assumed that this game got broken.

The absence of a political statement

There is no political declaration in Division 2, as the game itself does not have anything particular to say. This game is only a vehicle where some situations form reasons for a person to earn XP, chase loot, and achieve the Destiny-style RPG thing. This was the general need of the actual game, and in this matter, this sequel is not any different.

Based on the version of Ubisoft, the game “The Division 2” is related to political dissension, and when a player plays this game, this claim seems to break down. This game starts with a sprint toward a White House, which features pocket pillars and charred walls. Players are free to stroll inside the residence of the President. And it has been changed into one military base. After this, he heads out into the nearby shantytowns, and here, he finds homemade banners, dogs, and debris. 

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In February, Ubisoft sent an email to the company of The Division 2 mailing list with a specific subject. The message arrived after Donald Trump’s 35-day closure of the govt of the US and intended to endorse The Division 2, the newest video game that emerged from the industrial complex of Tom Clancy.