The 8 Best Tech Tools For Student Engagement

The 8 Best Tech Tools For Student Engagement 

The past year has taught us how important technology is for the learning and growth of students. With the sudden shift to the online mode of learning, navigating virtual lessons is not as easy as it appears to be. However, technology tools improve the learning experience, for they provide students with numerous opportunities to be creative.

It is always recommended that the tools that students use for creativity are engaging enough. Active participation with the help of interactive technology tools is essential for the development of students. As there is an abundance of options available on the market, so it becomes quite a task to select the ones that deepen the understanding of subjects and promote innovation. Listed below are the 8 best tech tools that boost students’ engagement.

 Digital Solutions for Student Engagement

  • Parlay

Parlay allows teachers and students to connect virtually and facilitates dialogue and discussion with ease. It also effectively tracks the responses of students and their contributions to the discussions. Parlay has built-in features that help teachers to access students based on their answers in real-time.

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  • Kahoot
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Kahoot is a game-based fun learning platform, where students can learn so much beyond the books in an exciting manner. It can be used to administer quizzes and questionnaires. You can also create surveys without any hassles. Kahoot is a much-needed and easy-to-use tool that can be used by students to accelerate learning and enjoy their studies while playing games. The quiz questions are displayed on the screen and the answers are to be given in stipulated time, which enhances decision-making skills among the students. The tool is easily accessible and can be used on any device.

  • Kidblog

Often, students have the talent for writing, but they are hesitant to put out their work due to the fear of rejection. Kidblog gives them the platform to hone their writing skills and improve in every aspect. This engaging tool helps students publish their writings and get the same exposure as professional writers. Students can share their writing with not just their classmates but students across the world. Kidblog is safe and provides students with the best of opportunities.

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  • Gimkit

What better than being able to play games that assist you in excelling in studies. Gimkit, which is a game-show platform, is designed by the students for the students to boost the learning process. Students tend to learn better, and their knowledge retaining capacity is improved when the studies are gamified. The best way to increase the engagement of students is by integrating subjects they find hard to understand with the games they like to play. By doing this, students pay more attention to the subject, and they also get to have fun while learning.

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  • Clickers

This is a simple yet helpful tool that can be used daily for your classrooms. It helps teachers assess students uniformly on how they engage with the study material. Teachers can put questions on the screen and ask students to answer in real-time. With this tool, it becomes easy to see who got the answers right and who did not. This helps teachers understand the performance of their students better and guide them accordingly.

  • Prezi

Presentation is one of the most important and valuable parts of the curriculum. Making presentations can be a very fulfilling and exciting task, but only when you have the proper tech tools with you. Prezi has a lot to offer when it comes to doing presentations that are informative, creative, and easy to make. With Prezi, students are more engaged and enjoy the learning process. It also allows students to publish their presentations for later viewing by their classmates.

  • Classdojo

Students are engaged in learning when they are made to feel that they belong. Classdojo creates a classroom community for connects teachers with students and their families. The features of the tool include, but are not limited to, morning meet app, think and share app, etc. The class storyboard present within the tool allows you to give positive points to students on their assessment and post pictures/ videos and share them with parents.

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  • Buncee

Buncee upgrades the learning experience of every student and makes it easy for them to be active and involved. Teachers can create activities using more than a thousand templates, and students can take part from anywhere in the world and earn badges as they complete the assigned tasks. It provides them with automatic feedback on assignments. Buncee also encourages students to use their curiosity to hold engaging discussions.

To Sum Up

The tools described above are sure to make the learning experience exceptional for students and engage them in various activities that help them to learn in an easy and fun way. These tools make the online classes efficient and interactive, with students gaining knowledge without getting bored. When students actively take interest in what they are being taught, they can grasp it better and perform well. Give these tools a go and see your classroom transform!