Some Facts You Should Know About Inverter Battery before Buying

What is Inverter Battery?

The purpose of an inverter battery is to deliver a modest quantity of current for a longer period of time. Because all of our electrical equipment relies on AC power, all power backup systems, such as inverters and UPS, convert DC current into AC current.

The primary function of the largest inverter battery is to manage the availability of electric charge. Reputable manufacturers like LoomSolar provide a wide selection of the best inverter batteries, which you can select online based on your requirements.

How does Inverter Battery work?

Attach your AC and DC power inverter to a battery, then connect in your gadgets. The power for the inverter is drawn from a 12 volt battery. Because the power we receive. When there is no electricity is taken from the battery, it should be changed on a regular basis. 

What are the benefits of it?

  • In compared to traditional solar batteries, the CAML inverter battery is small. It has the charge capacity of four standard batteries, so you won’t need to install four separate batteries. Instead, get one CAML Inverter battery from LoomSolar.
  • It is so strong that you may use it to run your air conditioner even if you don’t have access to electricity during the summer.
  • You can adjust the quantity of CAML batteries to meet your household’s electrical needs. Simply join them in series and you’re done.
  • CAML batteries are based on the Internet of Things and are technologically sophisticated. On your mobile or PC device, you may check the battery’s information.
  • We may charge and discharge them in the same way that we charge and discharge our mobile devices or computers without wasting any power. This demonstrates their effectiveness.
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How many types of Inverter Battery are there?

The following are the several types of inverter batteries:

Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-acid batteries are the most often utilized types of inverter battery. They are one of the first rechargeable battery kinds. These batteries are used for stationary purposes. For example, Inverter at home. Two electrodes are immersed in the electrolyte solution in lead-acid batteries. Lead and lead dioxide are used as electrodes, thus the term “lead-acid” batteries. The chemical processes that create DC current are caused by these two electrodes submerged in sulphuric acid.

Maintenance-free batteries

As their name implies, are sealed batteries that alleviate some of the disadvantages of lead-acid batteries. The electrolyte within is totally absorbed in the separator, therefore there is no need to add water. The most major advantage of the sealed construction is that it requires no maintenance beyond keeping the battery clean and completely charged. Batteries that don’t require maintenance lose electrolyte at a far slower rate than those that do.

Tubular batteries

They are the most efficient inverter batteries, and they are also the most popular. In the event of an extended power outage, the pencil-type armored tubular plates are designed to provide uninterrupted power transmission. The abrasion-resistant, leak-proof tower type tubular inverter battery for house promises cheaper maintenance and improved safety. These batteries are environmentally friendly, and their high efficiency makes them an excellent choice for household use.

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How much Inverter Battery cost in India?

A lithium battery’s cost is expressed in kWh. A 1 kWh battery with an 80 Ah/12.8 Volt grade prices 25,000 rupees at the moment.

Which is the best Inverter battery in India?

Although there are several solar batteries on the market, the CAML batteries from Loom Solar are the finest for a residential solar panel system.

Where can I buy Inverter Battery near me?

LoomSolar is a fast-growing sustainable energy startup with a strong web presence in India. The company sells a lot of solar panels and other components, and it wants to increase its lithium battery business as well. It is first company that introduced Bi-Facial Solar Panel to India.