We wait for the weekend to binge watch our favorite TV series; we select the show and check awesome streaming deals. But then, at a very climactic moment, suddenly everything stops. Thanks to none other than our mood buster, our enemy—buffering. 

Video buffering is always an unwelcome headache while streaming. it’s so common that even a simple YouTube video cannot dodge it. Therefore, to help you with this most irritating problem, in this article we will look at some simple ways to prevent streaming buffering. But first, you need to understand what is buffering? and how does it happen? 


In streaming, video buffering is when the software pre-downloads a small amount of data for smooth streaming, while the remaining file keeps downloading in the background. However, when that downloading is hampered due to any reason like slow internet speed, it leads to interrupted video streaming known as buffering.

What Causes the Buffering Issue?

The major cause that leads to buffering is when the file you’re trying to download in the background cannot download properly with the required speed. Thus, the software keeps waiting for the next part to “catch up, ” leading to interrupted streaming.

This can be caused due to some common reasons, such as;

  • Slow internet.
  • Problem with Wi-Fi.
  • Outdated internet browser or app, etc. 

While these are not all the reasons that lead to buffering, a few quick fixes can help you avoid these overlooked factors and resolve your buffering issues without the need for changing your internet service provider or streaming platform.

Simple Ways to Fix Buffering Issues

Here are some quick ways to prevent streaming buffering and fix the issue once and for all to continue enjoying your favorite series.

Close other applications and programs           

The quickest way to get rid of buffering is to close all the other apps which might run in the background. This is because your computer or phone might not have a capacity to endure this background activity during streaming. 

These processes and downloads will consume the extra resources which can bother your live streaming. So, before starting, quit any games or downloads running in the background.

Pause the stream

Though this advice is sometimes considered as a joke, it can help the video download fast, allowing your streaming video to create a sufficient buffer for smooth running. So, this time, if you face buffering issues and nothing else works, try pausing your video for a few minutes, take a nap and come back and enjoy watching the show seamlessly. 

Disconnect other devices from the network

Today, none of us uses only one device at a time. And even in a typical household, multiple devices remain connected to the network which, in result, consume more bandwidth and cause annoying buffering. 

Therefore, when you decide to stream your favorite show, disconnect all other connected devices consuming the internet. This is important if your router cannot support heavy traffic load. 

Switch to wired internet connection

While this may sound a bit cliche, one way to avoid buffering is to avoid wireless internet and switch to wired internet connection. Wireless internet is often easily disrupted by problems like weak signals, low frequency, etc. So, when you use a wired internet connection, it helps reduce the problem to some extent and provides constant connectivity. 

Delete your browser’s cache and history

Before jumping to the conclusion and blaming your internet connection for buffering, try clearing your browsing history and cache to help reduce the lag time because of storage overload. While this works most of the time, it is not a long-term solution.

The browser history and cache will soon pile up again, demanding you to clean it again and again. However, you can now also use some incredible tools that offer automatic maintenance and remove your browser’s trash automatically with no manual work such as Auto History Wipe, or you may also set your Google history to be deleted automatically. 

Upgrade your router

Just like it is recommended to reset your router from time to time, you should also ensure that you upgrade it timely. Similarly, make sure that all of your streaming apps have the latest updates or versions.

Apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max require timely updates to fix security bugs. This helps in improving their performance. Not to mention, an outdated streaming app is often the most overlooked factor that results in slow streaming, interruptions or buffering.


Buffering is a common issue in the world of streaming and usually results from storage, slow connectivity or streaming apps issues. While not every time you will be able to fix the buffering issue by following the quick tips provided above, you may get an instant solution to your buffering problem most of the time and especially when it is an occasional problem rather than a consistent one.

So, try any of these fixes and let us know which one worked for you the most in the comment section below.