Signs That Replacement Windows Are Needed

Signs That Replacement Windows Are Needed

Knowing the right time to get replacement windows can be challenging for most homeowners. Doing it very soon might be a waste of resources and time, and if you ignore it for a long time, it might result in major consequences. Understanding the right time to get the windows replaced is very important for homeowners.

In most cases, the windows are likely to develop signs, or certain changes may indicate that you need to replace the windows.  There are several major indicators that it is time for a replacement project that homeowners should not miss. The following are some signs you need to get replacement windows that homeowners should learn about.

  • Drafty Interiors

If you realize that most of the time, you can feel constant drafts while inside your house, it may be high time you consider inspecting those windows for any signs of leakage.

It does not matter if the insulation is in a good state as long as the windows are old and damaged, they are less likely to be airtight. 

By continuously ignoring a drafty interior, your home will be more uncomfortable and you will spend money on high energy bills. You should install new replacement windows as a permanent solution to drafty windows.

  • Continuous Condensation

It is usually normal to have moisture build up on the windows. However, if you realize that your windows are always moist, it may not be a good thing.

During colder months, regular condensation on the window surfaces means that there is possible leakage.

After using a dehumidifier and realizing the windows are still moist, you should consult an expert for advice on the proper corrective measures. Sometimes repair may be applicable when the damage is not too severe to require windows replacement.

  • Difficult In Operation

Normally, windows should open and close without applying too much energy. If you realize that you’ve been struggling to open and close your windows, it may be a sign that you need to have them replaced.

Difficulties in closing and opening windows are likely to occur as a result of the loosening and deforming of hardware around the windows. This challenge is likely to happen if your windows are very old or the hardware has moved from its original position.

Functionality is the most important aspect of windows, and if it is not achievable, it will be necessary to get replacement windows as soon as possible.

  • Moisture In Between The Glass Panes

As much moisture on the surfaces of the window frame is normal, moisture between glass panes should not be taken for granted. Condensation from in between the panes is an indication that the seal around the frame is broken.

With a broken seal around the fixture, moisture seeps into the area between the panes and, in the long run, results in mold growth. Mold can cause health issues, not to mention decrease the curb appeal.

Condensation in between the glass panes clearly indicates that you need to have the windows replaced, as there are minimal effective repair measures.

  • Unusual Increase In Energy Bills

The windows and doors contribute to the largest percentage of energy losses. If you realize that the energy bills are increasing every month, it may be high time you inspect the condition of your windows.

High energy bills mean that your windows are no longer as energy efficient as they used to be. This could result from thermal transfer between the inside and the outside.

Windows replacement could be cheaper than paying high energy bills every month. This not only saves you money but also creates comfort with regular temperature in your home.

  • Visible Damage

In some cases, your windows may develop signs that are a clear call for help. For instance, a cracked window is not easy to go unnoticed. Other signs like holes and chips are also easily identifiable and can cause major consequences, such as security threats, if left unattended.

If you can see visible damage on any part of your windows, you should consider installing replacement windows to avoid creating room for further damage.