Select Auto Protect: A Review of Extended Warranty Services

Select Auto Protect: About Company

Select Auto Protect was established in 2020. They offer three car coverage options that protect against mechanical breakdowns such as engine damage. They help car owners in crisis, so they don’t have to pay for repairs out of pocket. You take your car to an ASE-certified mechanic, and the company issues your invoice. They managed to get good reviews for their customer service. You will receive coverage for various automotive components under the Select Auto Protect warranty. Its established team of professionals has thirty years of experience. Repairs will be completed promptly and will ensure customer satisfaction. If the covered part cannot be repaired, the company will replace it.

Select Auto Protect: Services

You will enjoy several benefits when you get a warranty extension from Select Auto Protect. Its comprehensive coverage will come in handy when your car breaks down after daily use. Your services only cover wear and tear if you pay attention to maintenance. You may also like to read Select Auto Protect reviews.


The Select Auto warranty offers comprehensive coverage. There are three repair plans depending on what you can afford. Select Auto Protect covers any damage caused by faulty quality and faulty parts. Repairs usually do not exclude wear and tear, so you repair burned-out headlight bulbs, shock absorbers, and air filters at your own expense. The company will replace damaged parts if repair is not an option. They don’t ask you to pay for repairs and expect a refund.

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Towing Coverage

If your vehicle breaks down on a public or private road, the company can tow your car to the nearest authorized mechanic. This service is helpful; Select car warranty will pay $100 per occurrence minimum per person. Roadside assistance can be expensive, depending on the company receiving it.

Emergency Trip Interruption Reimbursement

Select Auto Protect also offers trip interruption compensation. But the refund only applies if you are within 100 miles of your home. They add up to $60 per day for three days. It’s a comfort, especially when you’re stuck on a road trip.

Flat Tire Change

Unfortunately, few people are qualified enough to change a tire and get back on the road. If you have a spare tire on your car, they can help you replace a flat tire. There is no maximum amount specified in the contract for this service.

Lockout Assistance

Car owners are often locked out of their cars and trapped. It doesn’t happen often, but you never know when the next victim will be. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can call Select Auto Protect. They cover up to $25 for emergencies.

Gas Delivery

Whether you need gas or a quick start, Select Auto Protect comes to the rescue. They will cost up to $40. Gas refill services are also available on all plans. When you add roadside assistance, you can determine the price of your coverage.

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Packages and Prices

Select Auto Protect publishes its plans but does not list prices. They have free online offers for each of the three plans. However, it would help if you talked to their representatives to understand the extended warranty better. Many factors determine the final offer, including the make and mileage of the car. Older cars with higher mileage cost more to protect than newer ones. Each plan has a waiting period of 1,000 miles or 30 days before the plan takes full effect. According to Select Auto Protect reviews, prices range from $1,000 to $3,000. The company claims to offer low prices, but you will know once you receive your personalized quote. You pay a $100 deductible when you file a claim. For in-depth information and more reviews about the company, make sure to visit their website.

Select Auto Protect: The Verdict

If you are looking for an extended warranty for your vehicle, Select Auto Protect can help. They offer a warranty of up to 5 years or 70,000 miles. They pay repair bills directly, which appeals to most car owners. They extend their services to roadside assistance. The most comprehensive plan offers many benefits. They do not limit the number of claims you can make. Your online quote tool comes in handy when subscribing to services. You will better understand your offers when they call you back.