MLB Starters That Can Be Traded This Season

MLB Starters That Can Be Traded This Season

We have just gotten past the 25 percent mark of the MLB regular season, and that means we can begin to see what teams are going to be contenders and which will be sellers by the Trade Deadline on August 2. We have seen a few major arms move in the last handful of years as Justin Verlander, Zack Greinke, and Max Scherzer were traded away. Today, we will discuss a couple of pitchers that can be on the move this year.

With the NBA year winding down, we can discuss some NBA lines for the NBA Finals matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. There will definitely be some big movers in that offseason but let’s dive into some baseball!

Jose Quintana

Looking for a veteran pitcher that can do well and not on a big contract? Enter stage right, Jose Quintana. He is the true rental that is cheap as he is only on a one-year, $2 million contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Quintana has been doing incredibly well as of this writing as he is pitching at an All-Star level with a 2.15 ERA and a 191 ERA+ through his first nine starts. His changeup usage has drastically increased this season as he is throwing it 27 percent of the time, which is almost double what he has thrown it in any season. He has done very well and should be able to continue that as hitters are swinging and missing against his stuff and won’t cost too much for a contending team looking for another starting pitcher.

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Frankie Montas

When the Oakland Athletics decided to trade away most of their MLB talent with value, many people predicted that Frankie Montas would no longer be a member of the Athletics. However, he managed to stay with Oakland and is doing pretty well as he is pitching to a 3.28 ERA and struck out 66 batters in 57.2 innings. He has increased the usage of his splitter and his slider this season to make him a better pitcher to begin this season and confuse hitters. According to his Baseball Savant page, batters are struggling to pick up the baseball as he is in the 93rd percentile in chase rate. He is a prime candidate to be on the move with Oakland looking to rebuild with a $5.025 million contract this season and another year of arbitration before becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2024. He will net Oakland some good prospects and could really bolster a contender’s starting rotation. 

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Mike Minor

The Cincinnati Reds seem to be on a rebuilding curve with the moves they made during the offseason and the way they began the 2022 regular season. One starting pitcher that has some ability to throw solid innings on a cheap deal is current starting pitcher Mike Minor. If he is traded, his 2023 team option becomes a mutual option, and that will likely be exercised with his season debut not happening until June, and injury concerns have plagued him. Minor is a veteran pitcher that has playoff experience as he is 1-0 with a 0.90 ERA in four appearances (one start) in the playoffs. Hitters have struggled to hit against him since 2017 as he has a .231 xBA against and a 23.2 strikeout percentage in the previous six seasons. This is a great chance for a team to potentially get a veteran left-hander in the postseason to bolster their pitching depth and provide a little bit of experience to the rest of the roster that might not have that at all.