How To Bet Correctly On Slot Machines?

Beating the slots is the dream of every gambler who has ever hit the SPIN button. And it’s proven that many achieve it. But how to win on slot machines unless for sheer luck? Well, right from the start, it must be clarified that slot machine gambling is always 100% luck-based, because the slot mechanism is usually preset.

However, there are players who win more often than average. How do they do it? Do they have any tricks for online slots? What they use is a strategy to win at the right slots. Below are described some of the slot strategies that are the best.

Forward Transparency

“Wait a minute!” you will say.“ How are the casinos going to give me a slots trick that I can use on slots? It must be a trap!”

Well, no, it isn’t. The explanation is very simple: you don’t have to confuse anyone to win money, either on the one hand or on other side of the screen that separates you from your online casino. Every game in every casino in the world has an RTP of less than 100%. Statistically, the casino will always win a certain amount of money in each game. There will be more players losing than winning, even if they are winning big money.

Thus, teaching you tricks and strategies to win at slots doesn’t really hurt the business, while it will help you to win more and better individually. Those are emotions and challenges for some, and business for others.

1: The Key Is in the Bet

You’ve probably guessed it: unlike blackjack, where your actions can determine winning or loss, slots work more like a roulette: they’re 100% random. And in a game with 100% chance, it isn’t possible to build a “game strategy”, there’s nothing you can do about it. Though, there is a betting slot machine strategy: manage your budget in a methodical and systematic way. It will help you to:

  • Reduce losses in valley stage;
  • Maximize profits in hot times.

This is how you can win on slot machines. What is a slot machine strategy? Go to the next point!

2: No Strategy Is Perfect, but Some Are Suitable

Your betting strategy may depend on:

  • The type of slot you choose;
  • Volatility and RTP;
  • Game special mechanics;
  • Your budget;
  • The way you play (aggressive and volatile or relaxed and low risk);
  • Your goal (make money or hang out).

Which brings us to the fact that you can’t just play the first slot you come across just because you like the theme.

3: Choose the Most Suitable Slot

Although, depending on your strategy for winning at online slots, you will be more interested in some online slots or the other, there are some general things that you should keep in mind.

  • If possible, choose the free ones;

There are many free online slot machines to play only for fun. By playing slots for free, you can minimize your risk, and you can practice as much as you can without worrying about losing.

  • Find th highest RTP;

It’s pretty basic, right? If you like jungle slots, and you have one with a 94% RTP, and another with a 96.3% RTP, then statistically the second one is for you.

  • Look for medium to high volatility;

The bottom line is that with low volatility you often win small prizes. You don’t lose much, but you don’t gain much either. That’s true for all casino games, but it’s especially true for online slots, as the payouts on the pay table are proportional to the stakes. At low stakes, the low prize is (most often) too low, and the high prize is not too high.

In short: the more you play, the more you will notice that your budget is slowly but unavoidably decreasing, as the rewards aren’t enough to restore your budget. With medium and very high volatility, you will win less often, but when you do win, the prizes will be big enough to give your budget more life, or even boost it.

4: Reduce Paylines When You Can

Do you want tricks for online slots? Here’s a little trick that we probably don’t need to explain, as it affects a lot of online slots today.

Well, nowadays most of the slots have multiple paylines, which is great, as it increases the chances of getting the lineup and the corresponding prize. But of course, that many lines are not free. Your bet per spin consists of what you bet on each of those lines. What’s the downside of multiple lines? That, in general, the size of the prize decreases with the abundance. Speaking generally, in a slot with 10 active paylines the payoff is 10 times less than if you only had 1 active line.

5: Flat Bets Are Useless Like in Other Games of Chance

Many novice players, or those who play occasionally, prefer not to complicate themselves with strategies for winning online slots, and opt for a constant betting system, or flat bet. This system does two good things: it’s very simple, and it helps to control. Two great tricks for online slots, which idea is:

  • Set budget limits, maximum game time, and expected earnings;
  • Always bet the same amount until your budget runs out, time runs out, or you reach that amount.

What problem may you have? Well, if you play for very low numbers, you will have a very long and boring game, where you can still lose. And if you win, it won’t be anything that will last in the halls of fame. But, on the other hand, if you play very high numbers in a fixed way, you can get very good prizes and a lot of excitement… but the normal thing is that your game ends in 20, 30 or 40 spins.

To Conclude

In the end, never stretch the line too long waiting for a millionaire: it won’t work for you. Retiring on time, with some money in your pocket, is already an advantage. Dreaming of doubling the prize once again… usually means losing. Are you ready to play on slots but without the risks? You might need to use no deposit bonus codes to play slot machines for free!