Experts named the main trends in the beauty e-commerce industry

Decades ago, beauty and cosmetic products used to be something that one could only get in physical stores. The beauty industry has snowballed over the years, as expected. This has grown to become an industry making billions of dollars from online shoppers in the United States alone.

Why is the beauty products online commerce industry becoming more and more popular? Because it is convenient: shop for the most necessary beauty products without leaving home and receive them directly with home delivery. And, of course, it is cheaper, for example, by using an iHerb promo code first order you can buy high-quality cosmetics at a good discount, and, as YoursHerbs experts say, every third American prefers to make a purchase in such a way using a coupon.

The beauty industry will be experiencing even more growth in 2023 as online retail has become even more popular in this industry and there are more options to appeal to all categories of people.

Fast-growing beauty trends in 2023

Personalization has become a beauty trend growing fast in 2023. A Vogue survey found that 63% of shoppers will choose brands that go the extra mile to personalize their shopping experience over other options that give the bare minimum. 75% of these shoppers who are offered these customized offers are also more likely to purchase goods from the brand.

In 2023, it has been noted that customers have begun to demand better customer experience even more and brands willing to understand and provide this service will most likely be patronized by 88% of the online beauty shoppers, even more so with the presence of attractions like iHerb free shipping codes or other benefits.

Michael Simoncic, the managing director at Alvarez & Marsal Consumer Retail Group noted, “It is about knowing the customer’s preference and then tailoring the response. It should be a seamless, frictionless experience.”

Joy Chen, the co-founder of Pure Culture Beauty also added in an interview that “the only way to get at this is going to be customization. Consumers today are demanding more. They’re demanding that they have something that’s right for them.”

What brands have managed to tap into the growing beauty trends?

In the United States, Sephora is on top of the pyramid as the online shop with the highest sales record, making an annual revenue of over two billion dollars in 2022. Experts assert that this sales record has a lot to do with the company’s approach to customer experience.

For 5 years now, Sephora has been first on Sailthru’s Retail Personalization Index as the company has hacked the art of customer personalization. Sephora’s mobile application is ranked as one of the best e-commerce apps as it is entirely customized to match each user.

Sephora also provides a high-touch loyalty program that personalizes interactions and makes it easier for every customer to find and buy any item online or onsite.

How to tap into the growing beauty e-commerce trends: more personalization

Experts note that the use of AI can come in really handy in providing a personalized experience for every customer. Through AI, formulas unique to every customer can be created, making it easy to identify the right products even online. Proven is one of the skincare brands using AI for this purpose.

Furthermore, loyalty programs have been noted to come in quite handy when personalizing brand offerings and are also proven to enhance retainment levels. Other than Sephora, Shopify’s 100% PURE is another brand that offers high-end loyalty programs.

Finally, experts encourage interactions between brands and their targets as it improves the relationship between a brand and its customers and also increases customer loyalty.