Enjoying Las Vegas Without Alcohol and Cards: What to Do

Think of the bright lights of Las Vegas and it’s quite difficult to think of anything but alcohol and gambling, but there’s plenty more to Sin City that is altogether, well, less sinful.

In a world where more of us are shunning alcohol, whether that be down to choice or having suffered with alcohol use disorder, like so many have in recent years, doing Las Vegas without the need for drink, drugs and gambling is becoming more and more appealing.

And while it is a place full of temptation, and therapists at The River Source, an alcohol treatment center in Arizona, certainly suggests that you should be careful before rushing off to Las Vegas, waiting until you are in a happy and comfortable place, here are some of the best things to do in the Nevada city that don’t involve drinking or placing your bets… 

Take in the world’s biggest pop stars

Since the arrival of casinos in Las Vegas, the world’s biggest musicians have been taking to the stage in auditoriums, from Elvis and the Rat Pack, to the likes of Barry Manilow, Katy Perry, Elton John and Adele, who is set to enjoy a residency throughout 2023.

There’s nothing like a show in Las Vegas, and alongside most hotel casinos having a big musical act on, there are also many other shows to make the most of, from magicians to comedians, acrobats to sporting events.

Visit one of the many museums

You’d perhaps be surprised to know that there’s tons to learn in Las Vegas and over the years it’s developed quite the scene for museums and galleries. Among the more interesting museums are the Neon Museum and the Mob Museum. Both located in the Downtown area, the former is essentially a graveyard for old Las Vegas neon signs, while the latter tells the story of the Mob’s ties to the city, going back to the days of Sinatra and when the city was largely built on Mafia money.

Of course, there’s plenty more too, from zoos to galleries showcasing some of the world’s most renowned artists. You will find something for everyone.

Get a thrill from the rollercoasters

While many may get a thrill from the roulette table in Vegas, you won’t find a better one than on the rollercoasters dotted around the city. While it’s not quite like Disneyland, America’s Playground does allow you to enjoy a pretty terrifying ride at a staggering 1,081ft, while the SkyJump at The Stratosphere will see you plummet 855 ft on a high speed line.

Journey out of Vegas

You shouldn’t limit yourself to Las Vegas when in the city, as there is a wealth of great things to do outside the city too, much of which you’ll be fully aware of. Of course, there’s the Grand Canyon, which really is a trip like no other, particularly by helicopter, and then there’s the likes of the Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley and the small town of Rachel, well known for its extra terrestrial goings on.