Creation of NFT games

NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token, and they have become trendy lately. One of the many reasons for the rise in popularity is the apparent benefits for artists. NFTs have proven an excellent way for artists to get financial support from the crypto community.

 What are these non-fungible tokens?

As the name suggests, NFTs are tokens. These digital tokens can represent ownership of a unique item. Everything can be tokenized with this technology, from art to real estate. Part of the value of NFT game development company comes from the fact that only one person can be the official owner. To guarantee this ownership, NFTs are secured by blockchains such as Ethereum. This makes it impossible to copy NFTs or change ownership records without selling the token. Essentially, an NFT can act as digital ownership of a physical asset.

From a traditional point of view, there were problems reproducing physical assets’ properties in the digital world. It wasn’t easy to guarantee virtual assets’ uniqueness, rarity, and proof of ownership. However, with blockchain technology, this is now possible, and NFTs allow the creation of a new Internet of assets.

What can be turned into an NFT token?

Anything can evolve into a token if it is digitized. Even a picture written with a simple pencil or oil can easily become digital currency if digitized.

Photos, works of art (painting, graphics), texts in the form of individual messages or entire books, and site names are turned into tokens. In addition, memes (and often very old ones), videos, computer games, characters, and autographs of stars become NFT objects.

Pieces of musical works and songs, individual sounds are transferred into tokens. The list could be endless.

Where do NFT games start?

Hire a dedicated blockchain developer and find out that any game begins with preparation, which is divided into several stages:

  1. Game model

They choose the P2E model – play and earn, or F2P – a free game. In P2E, you must buy an NFT object to enter the game. In F2P, you do not need to purchase anything to start the gameplay, but you will need NFT objects to advance.

  1. Game design

It can choose any direction of the game genre, from role-playing games to simulator, adventure, or poker.

Once a genre is chosen, successful blockchain games are analyzed. You should not copy them, but you can use interesting game elements, and peep the idea.

After that, key moments, characters, number of levels, ways of pumping players, victory conditions, and monetization are determined. Then on to the art. You can select a metaverse of 3D models of any intricacy and idea. But beginners should start with simple projects to understand how NFT works and what concepts it is better to invest in.

  1. Web App or Mobile

The user can interact with the game through a web browser or mobile application.

The web app is considered universal because it can be enabled on any browser. The user can enter the platform with the game through a computer or smartphone.

In the mobile application, everything is limited to a smartphone. Developers create an application for a specific operating system with open source and with the ability to access phone functions: camera and audio.

If a cross-platform is used in the development, then access to smartphone functions is closed. Such applications are faster and easier to create.