Annime: The poorest moments of the Year 2020-21

Annime: The poorest moments of the Year 2020-21

In the year of 2020 and 2021 is full of sadness and injury of the year. The CORONA virus is attracting to the world, and the world is fighting with them.

Each and every people in the world are fighting COVID-19 infections. Every nation’s government is failing to fight with the covid 19 spreadings. The people are affecting more and more. The situation is very bad in India.

However, India is facing the second wave of COVID-19. The medical system of India is not soo good, and people are dying due to a lack of oxygen and ventilators. Amid this situation, the people are choosing to stay at home and not to go out.

The people are doing many tricks to stay at home. One of the ideas is to watch movies and series on the OTT platform. However, more and more movie makers release their movies on the OTT platform so that people can download the movie and watch it online.

Here, we are giving you the information about the saddest moment of some movie and series premiering now on the various OTT platform. You can take a tour of this article and know about the various series’ sad moments that is happened in the year 2020-21.

  1. My Hero Academia:

    In the eleventh episodes of my hero academia series, there is the saddest moment for the fan of the series is one of its characters named Lemilloin has more, and various types of power have to lose all the power permanently.

  2. Attack On Titan:

    The best thriller and suspense series of the year has the poorest moment in episode 8. In the eighth episode, one of the most couraged and main characters of the series has murdered. The murder is done very badly in the series. This news gives a shock to the fans of the series.

  3. Somali and The Forest Spirit:

    In the sixth episode of the Somali and the forest spirit, there a tragic and shocking turn in the story of the series. The name of the sixth episode of the series is Dying Flowers Look up at the Birds. In the sad part, the Haitora tells his most hidden part of his life. The Story reveals that he was the murderer of his family. He has to take care and raise somebody’s child to show his family.

  4. Tower of God:

    The final episode of the series named Tower of God itself reveals the saddest part of the series. It reveals that Rachel can enter the tower because he is too weak to enter the tower.