7 Unexpected Places to Spend Your Bitcoin

The continued and seemingly unstoppable rise of Bitcoin across the world has seen its use in some interesting and unexpected places. The 6 unexpected places noted below are just some of these that will totally surprise and amaze you.

  • The value of a bitcoin

Bitcoin has reached incredible highs in the past and now sits at $40 000.00. Furthermore, the fact that you can split it and spend as little as you want, and now on pretty much anything, makes for interesting times. It is this value that you will need to keep your eye on and track as it is so volatile that you don’t want to lose out on any rises and increases in value.

  • A night at the casino

With the growth in online casinos and a surge in numbers playing these games, it is only logical to have seen the numbers increase in those casinos accepting Bitcoin. Some of the best fun that can be had online can now be paid for using Bitcoin. It is a trend that has seen many online casinos and entertainment venues look to adapt to meet the needs of their clients and customers, who now use crypto for just about everything.

  • Pizza for coins

The fact that pizza was the first thing that was actually bought with Bitcoin makes it a little more expected than the rest of the places mentioned herein. You can still buy pizza with your Bitcoin, and the interesting aspect of this is that for coins of such high value, buying something as simple as a pizza is still possible.

  • Cars for bitcoin

It is not just Tesla that allows you to buy a vehicle with Bitcoin. There are now a substantial number of car dealerships that also accept Bitcoin. Apart from Tesla, it is still the more expensive and luxury brand vehicles such as Lamborghini, Sotheby’s at auction, and private sellers that have moved to include Bitcoin as a means for payment. However, it is a trend that is growing, so look for a dealer that has BitPay, and then it couldn’t be simpler.

  • Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson has always been forward-thinking, and it is now possible to book a trip to space using Bitcoin. They are also one of the few service providers that are prepared to change the crypto into Dollars to make it a traditional transaction, meaning that any refunds will avoid the ongoing issue of constant Bitcoin volatility and fluctuations.

  • Make donations

The fact that Bitcoin is essentially anonymous makes them perfect for making donations to whatever worthy cause you see fit. Be it a political party or environmental campaign, regardless of whether it doesn’t match your employer’s criteria, you can use your Bitcoin to donate and support them.

  • Event tickets

Using your Bitcoin to purchase event tickets for upcoming shows and events is one of the greatest ways of using your cryptocurrency. Season tickets for teams such as the Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Reds are now all possible with Bitcoin and can be used for a season ticket or more.

Bitcoin is becoming more usable, and the widespread use of this currency is going to affect more aspects of our lives than we could ever have imagined just a few short years ago.