How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost With and Without Insurance?

How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost With and Without Insurance?

When it comes to any medical procedure, we all know it costs a lot. If you still need to get insurance for that, you might not be able to afford it. You might not even have heard about so many medical procedures. But with insurance, everything is changed.

You can immediately decide what to do and where to go and also choose the best possible hospitals where you can get the best patient care and medical guidance. 

Here we are discussing Dental Bridge and its cost – during both scenarios – with and without insurance. We need to understand the entire procedure and how it is carried out. Also, various materials are associated with the Dental Bridge procedure.

As per the material type, there will be certain cost variations. Let’s get into all the essential information regarding How much a dental bridge costs with and without insurance. 

What is a Dental Bridge? 

A Dental bridge means the process of restoration in place of the missing teeth or even placing a prosthetic tooth. After placing it, you can’t remove it because the placed teeth will be attached to the natural teeth from other sides, and the gap will be filled.

Dental Bridge is done using various materials such as metal, porcelain, and more. As per the material chosen – we can get an estimation of the overall cost of the Dental Bridge. 

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How much does a Dental Bridge Cost?

Most commonly, a dental bridge will cost around $1500 to $5000. This is an overall cost. It might vary depending on the materials you have chosen for the prosthetic. Along with that, the health of the nearby teeth is also checked by the doctor before moving forward. 

Moreover, there are a few types of Dental Bridge Procedures, which cost differently. Take a look at the major types of Dental Bridges:

  1. Maryland Bridge:

It costs around $1500 to $2000. 

2. Cantilever Bridge OR Traditional Dental Bridge:

It costs about $2000 to $5000. 

3. Implant-Supported Bridges:

This will be an advanced dental bridge procedure, which may be higher, ranging from $5000 to $15,000. 

If you have insurance, it will be beneficial for you. You can choose the best possible material, your choice of experienced hospital doctors, and more. 

Along with these, there are some other additional costs of Dental Bridge:

  • An Oral Exam might cost around $50 to $200, depending upon various factors. 
  • Along with that, some of the patients might need Dental X-Ray prior to the dental bridge. It costs around $25 to $50. 
  • The anesthesia required during Dental Bridge costs around $50 to $150. 
  • Sometimes, patients also need to have their teeth cleaned professionally. That might cost range from $70 to $250. 
  • Also, if any partial tooth remains in the place of the Dental Bridge, you will need to undergo Tooth Extraction, which might cost around $50 to $500. 
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How much Does a Dental Bridge Cost Without Insurance?

The simplest dental bridge types cost $1500 and can vary up to $15000 for the implant-based bridge. Along with that, some other factors might make the Dental Bridge cost higher. Such variable factors are:

  • Filling material used for dental bridge procedures plays an important role because the choice of the material and the cost will make a huge difference in the overall cost of the dental bridge. 
  • Additionally, the total space that is supposed to be covered in the bridge procedure also plays a vital role. If the number of missing teeth is more, the cost will be higher, and if there is a lesser gap, the cost will also be lower. 
  • The location of the dental bridge location – complexity while placing the prosthetic is also important. Because if there is difficulty in reaching the location, it will take more time and effort. If so, then the procedure will be costly. 
  • Bridge type is also one of the deciding factors for the pricing. If you choose a high-end one with the best materials, then it will cost more than the traditional ones. 

How much Does a Dental Bridge Cost With Insurance?

If you have dental insurance, it will benefit you because the insurance company will be helping you towards paying almost 50% of the dental bridge cost. It depends on your insurance policy type and how much coverage it will provide for your dental bridge procedure. 

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Some policies offer 100% coverage, whereas some of them cover 50% coverage. It is essential to read all the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any insurance policies, especially the ones related to your health and medical procedures. Only some of the procedures are covered in some policies, even if they are health policies. 

Sometimes, there might be a case where you must pay an additional premium to cover specific medical procedure/ surgery in the insurance policy. 

Moreover, some policies cover only a few dental bridge procedures in one term. So if you want another dental bridge procedure done, you should wait until the next term.

Final Words

It is always a wise choice to have health insurance that covers major medical procedures and related medicine coverage. Because the surgery already costs a lot, adding related charges such as medicines, follow-up check-ups, and more will be even costlier. This way, the overall cost will be much more than expected. Hence to have the best possible medical care and procedures for you and your family. Get your health insurance today!