How Much Does A Crown Cost Without Insurance? 

How Much Does A Crown Cost Without Insurance? 

The cost of a dental crown might vary depending on the material you choose. Many other factors affect the overall cost of the crown, especially when you are paying without insurance. There are various procedures before and after the crown procedure, which are also among deciding factors for the crown cost without insurance. 

Let’s take a look at detailed information regarding how much a crown costs without insurance and all the other related details: 

What is a Dental Crown Procedure? 

A dental crown is a medical procedure in which an existing tooth is covered with a crown/ cap like a prosthetic cover to recreate the tooth with a similar-looking crown. The main purpose of a dental crown is to protect the partial/ damaged tooth and keep the original one intact. 

Other than that, for other dental procedures including root canal, removing a tooth, or even a dental bridge – your dentist may suggest placing a dental crown so that the bridge procedure can be done without any hitch. 

How Much Does a Crown Cost Without Insurance?

While preferring to have a Crown procedure, your dentist will ask you about various materials in which the crown is available. You can choose the material of the crown based on their characteristic. 

Types of Dental Crowns based on Material: 

The overall cost of the Dental Crown depends on the material of the crown. Based on the material, the crown will differ in looks, features, stability, endurance in long-running, and more. 

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Here are the types of materials in which Dental Crown is available:

  1. Metal/ Gold Crowns

Gold or Metal crowns will cost more than any of the normal ones because they are made of high-quality materials and last longer than other standard materials. If you look forward to a durable and long-running solution, you should go for the Gold Crown. 

Dentists suggest the gold crown for Molars when patients ask for their experienced opinion. Patients should remember that while choosing a gold crown, it will look different from their natural teeth and might get highlighted after the procedure. Hence it might be a factor you want to consider before making decisions. 

Choosing the Gold crown for your procedure might range between $500 to $2500. 

Advantages of Gold Crown: 

  • Impressively strong and extremely resistant. 
  • If maintained well, it can last longer than others. 
  • Similar to natural teeth, the wear-down process takes years, so there is nothing to worry about in the near future. 
  • Suitable for back-side teeth where strength is required. 

2. Porcelain Fused Metal:

Those who look forward to saving some money and having an affordable solution for their dental crown then you should choose Porcelain fused-to-metal option. This crown material is also long-lasting and durable in the long run. It would look natural because it might show a gray line near your gums. 

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The cost of a Porcelain fused metal dental crown starts from $500 and may go up to $1500 based on the location of your choice. 

Advantages of Porcelain Fused Material:

  • These provide great durability and aesthetics. 
  • Long-running and preferred for more than 50+ years. 
  • An affordable choice for those who are looking forward to cost-effective crown solutions. 

3. Zirconia

Like Porcelain, Zirconia crowns are also made from high-end ceramic material. You can also have it with more durability as per your choice. All you have to do is request your dentist. It is widely used for molar because it needs strength while chewing, etc. 

The price of Zirconia might vary from $800 and go as high as $3000 without insurance. 

Advantages of Zirconia Crown: 

  • The look and feel are the same as natural teeth. 
  • Being of such high quality, Zirconia crowns are long-lasting and durable. 
  • Lesser chances of breaking off of the material. 
  • The time duration required for the procedure is less than for other material crowns. 
  • As discussed earlier, they are strong and won’t wear off easily. 
  • Made with various bio-compatible materials, they won’t be a reason for any reaction or allergy. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dental Crown:

You need most of your teeth in good condition to restore and chew properly. For that, you will have to maintain your teeth in good health. So, you will need a professional to help you throughout the procedure. 

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Firstly consult a dentist, and then you will be given instructions regarding the dental crown procedure. There are many essential factors, such as the location of the teeth, which material to choose for the crown, how to pay for that, how to obtain insurance and more. 

Some of us might be looking forward to a cheaper way, whereas others might be looking towards a more efficient and long-lasting yet expensive way to get the crown.  

Final Words

We discussed all the essential information regarding dental crowns, their types, the material used for them, and pricing options, followed by the advantages of each type. Now you can surely decide which type of crown you need for yourself. And also, if you do not have insurance, you can pay for that after consulting your dentist.