Joel McCrea Net Worth, Biography, And Everything You Need To Know

Joel McCrea Net Worth, Biography, And Everything You Need To Know

McCrea was born in South Pasadena, on the 5th of November, 1905. He was listed in one of the top positions as an American Actor during the “Golden Age Period,” Cinema. Especially he is known for his Western roles like “The Virginian: and “Ride the High Country.”

Joel McCrea Personal Details
Real Name Joel McCrea
Nick Name Joel Albert
Mother Name Lou Whipple McCrea
Father Name Thomas McCrea
Date of Birth 5th November, 1905
Died on 20th October 1920,
Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
California, U.S.
Hometown South Pasadena, California, U.S.
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Spouse Frances Dee
Marital Status Married
Children Jody McCrea,
Peter McCrea,
David McCrea
Nationality American
Education Hollywood High School,
Pomona College,
Height 1.89m
Weight 80Kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown

Biography of Joel McCrea:

Also, We can see his 50 years of hard-working, and dedication journey, in various ranges of dramas be it, and we will always remember him for his extraordinary acting skills 

Other than this, Joel McCrea started his acting career as a “Western actor,” and stuntman in year 1946. He broke many records, as he appeared in almost hundreds of movies at that time. 

Now, with the help of this article, we will provide you with a piece of essential information regarding one such great personality, “Joel McCrea,” and also discuss his net worth too.

Joel McCrea Early Life:

Joel Albert McCrea was born on 5th November 1905 in South Pasadena, California. McCrea is the son of Thomas McCrea who was an executive officer of an L.A. Gas & Electric Company, and his mother’s name is Lou Whipple McCrea.

He graduates from Hollywood High School, and then went to Pomona College for developing his skill in the field of drama, and also learned a course related to public speaking. Joel McCrea has an immense love for horses, and he is one of the best horse riders, in “Western films.”

Joel McCrea likes to participate in various activities in his free time. Also, he loves to perform adventurous acts so he started his journey as a stuntman when he signed his first-ever contract with MGM. 

Besides to this, he was also cast for a major role in the year 1929, film, “The Jazz Age” and in the same year he also got an opportunity to perform a leading role in the film,” The Silver Horde.” 

Joel McCrea Personal Life:

On October 20, 1933, Joel McCrea married an actress, named, “Frances Dee,” in Rye, New York. Simultaneously, his wife Frances Dee was born only a block away from Joel’s house, and she moved to Chicago in her childhood days. The couple had three children, named, Peter, David, and Jody. 

In year 1933, he purchased his first-ever property which was covering the area of 1,000 acres in the area of eastern Ventura Country, California. Then, the size of the property expanded to 3,000 acres where McCrea and his wife lived, also it is a place where they raised their children, and also gave built a roof for rode their horses.  

At the end of the year 1940, McCrea became a Multi-millionaire. Joel McCrea gave his last public appearance on 3rd  October 1990 in Beverly Hills. He died at the age of 84 on 20th October 1990, due to suffering from Pneumonia diseases.

After the death of Joel McCrea, his family donated 35 acres of McCrea to a newly established firm “YMCA.” Apart from this, his family also donated another 75 acres to a Conejos Open Space Conservancy Agency and gave another five acres to the girl and boy’s clubs of California.

Joel McCrea Career Journey:

In the year 1932,  McCrea performed his first role in the film “Bird of Paradise” which was directed by King Vidor. In the same year, he also got an opportunity of being a part of another film, named, “The Sport Parade.”

Later in 1934, he featured his role for the first time with two leading actresses, named, “Miriam Hopkins” playing the role of “The Richest Girl in the World” and the other is “Barbara Stanwyck” who played the role of Gambling Lady.

Not only that, but he also suffered from many controversies due to his one nude scene with Dolores del Rio. Still, by constant hard work and dedication for 50 years, he made his acting journey far better and broke the records of many films and actors, too. 

Joel McCrea is the only one who got a chance to play the role of “Dr. Kildare.” in the film named, “Internes Can’t Take Money, (1937)” Although, the actor also appeared in many radio series too. The name of the first ever radio series is “Tales of the Texas Rangers,” where he played the role of Jace Pearson. 

In the year 1959, McCrea and his son Jody worked together in one of the series of NBC-Tv, named, “Wichita Town.” Not only that, but he performed in many films with his son Jody. In the year 1976, he acted for the last time in the film, “Mustang Country.”

In Nutshell, we can say that in his 50 years of constant hard-working journey, Joel had never taken a break from his routine life, and always gives their best effort to achieve success. Not only that, but McCrea fans are still remembering him for his outstanding work. 

Joel McCrea Professional Details
Occupation Actor
Popular Movies Union Pacific,
Barbary Coast,
The Palm Beach story,
Fort Massacre,
The More the Merrier,
Colorado Territory
Television Shows Wichita Town
Radio References Forsaking All Others,
This is Hollywood,
Tales of the Texas Ranger
Hobbies Horse Riding
Instagram Username @joelmccreafans
Networth $3 Million Dollars (At the time of his death)


Joel McCrea Net Worth:

At the moment of the death of Joel McCrea, his net worth was around 3 Million Dollars. If we compare this net worth with their period, then we can say that he is a multi-millionaire even after taking retirement from the film industry in 1975.

Joel McCrea also invests some of his earnings in a few investment plans, through which he can spend his after-retirement life happily with his family.

Joel McCrea in Radio Appearances:

As previously discussed, Joel McCrea has also made a radio appearance. So, here we have a list of three radio shows, that feature Joel McCrea:

  • This is Hollywood – “Along Came Jones.” in the year 1946.
  • Forsaking All Others – with Bette Davis in the year 1938.
  • Tales of the Texas Ranger – from 1950 to 1952.

Joel McCrea Awards and Achievements:

In the year 1968, Joel McCrea received a Career Achievement award from the L.A. film association.  Also, the actor is appreciated for performing in motion films, as well as for his radio contribution too. 

Joel McCrea also won some of the biggest awards of his career journey, named;

  • The golden Laurel Award in the year 1954,
  • The Golden Boot Award in the year 1987,
  • A Photoplay Award in the year 1939 

Not only that, but he also received a Silver Medallion Award in 1982, and was also appreciated for his work in the last film, “Mustang Country” which was awarded “the Trustees Award” in the year 1976.

Final Words:

Joel McCrea was an American Actor, who was born in 1905 and died in 1920 due to suffering from Pneumonia diseases. Joel McCrea was well known for his Western films. Other than this, he was also participate in many dramas like thrillers, romantic, etc. He was also known as the best horse rider in the western film industry, as well as he performed many stunt acts in many films.

His acting journey was appreciated by many awards, and fans still remember his achievements and the outstanding performance that he made in most of his films. So, in this article we have discussed all the essential information about “Joel McCrea”, and also discussed his net worth at the time of his death.