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Since Independence, India is fighting with many problems like poverty, unemployment, backwardness, etc. However, the Indian government is trying to improve their condition. Today, India is in a good situation in poverty, unemployment, etc.

However, CORONA pandemic is highly affecting every sector of India. Due to the Pandemic, ht unemployment, poverty is consistently rising in India. However, It is sure that India will come over on this situation. It takes time, but it will recover for sure.

The Indian government is continuously announcing a scheme which is related to improvement in India. To reestablish the business after a lockdown in the corona pandemic, the Indian government has announced an Abhiyan called Aatman Nirbhar Abhiyan.

Under this Abhiyan, the government will provide financial help to the small, medium, and micro-enterprises. This way, the business of these enterprises will be improved, and the production capacity will also improve. This results in an improvement in GDP.

India has mainly three pillars of the Economy. The manufacturing industry is the second pillar of the economy. The contribution of the manufacturing sector is lower than the service sector in GDP.

To improve the economy, every nation have to enhance the human capital in the country. Human is the most important capital of the country. Every nation should have to take care of the human capital to provide them good food, good facilities, stress-free wok, and malnutrition free.

The Indian government is also focusing on the health of the human capital of the country. Here, we will discuss the step taken by the government to make India a malnutrition free country. We will also see the effects of the actions that are taken by the government.

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PM Modi Poshan Abhiyaan 2020:

The Indian government has set the goal to make India a malnutrition free country by 2022. To achieve the purpose by the year 2022, the government has announced an Abhiyan named Poshan Abhiyan. This Abhiyan has launched by the Prime Minister Of India Shri. Narendra Modi to provide the holistic nourishment to the citizen of India.

This Abhiyan will cover all the states, towns, districts of the country. India has a high poverty level. Due to poverty, a tremendous amount of people can not take adequate and nutritional food. They can not provide their children with good food. This will result in a lack of nutrition in Indian people.

Due to a lack of nutrition in the people, they can have the right immunity level in the body. However, the immunity level is an essential thing in today’s world to survive. Without good immunity, people immediately get affected by the COVID-19 virus. Here, WE will talk about the activities of the PM Modi Poshan Abhiyan.

Effects of PM Modi Poshan Abhiyan:

The government has made a website to let people know about the activity and themes of the Poshan Abhiyan. People can hack the activity status and themes of the Poshan Abhiyan on the website. I will give you the official link to the website of Poshan Abhiyan.

The official link to the website is The tag line of the PM Modi Poshan Abhiyan is Sahi Poshan Desh Roshan. This program is launched to provide the people nutrition to the infants, pregnant lady, and lactating mothers.

To implement the aim of the Poshan Abhiyan is to provide all the necessary people nutrition, the government has launched a Poshan Maah in the country. That means the government will celebrate one month as a Poshan Month in the year to provide targeted nutrition and care to SAM children.

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This is one of the Indias Flagship programs toward nutrition. This Abhiyan targeted to give proper nutrition to pregnant women, children, adolescents, and lactating mothers. This will be done through the use of advanced technology in the Abhiyan to identify SVM children. The government wants a large number of people can get the advantage of this Poshan Abhiyan.

PM Modi Poshan Abhiyaan 2020 Activities List Online

The Poshan Abhiyan has launched by the government on 8th March 2018. The overall budget of the Abhiyan is Rs. 9046 crore for three years. It is targeted that over ten crore people in India have to get the advantage of this Abhiyan. There are many activities done under Abhiyan. The activities are created by the government to encourage people to get the benefits of this scheme.

It will increase the nutrition level of a person. As the nutrition level will increase, the immunity power of a person will also increase. Immunity power will help a person to get protected from many viruses like COVID-19.

However, every person should have to improve the immunity level of their body by avoiding taking nutrition-less food or junk food. It is our responsibility to enhance the immune system of Our bodies. Here, I will give you the name of the activities that are done under the Poshan Abhiyan.

Activities List:

  • Anemia Camp
  • Area Level Federation (ALF) Meetings
  • CBE – Community-Based Events (ICDS)
  • Community Radio Activities
  • Cooperative / Federation
  • Cycle Rally
  • Defeat Diarrhoea Campaign (D2)
  • Farmer Club Meeting
  • Haat Bazaar Activities
  • Harvest Festival
  • Local Leader Meeting
  • Nukkad Natak / Folk Shows
  • Panchayat Meeting
  • Poshan Mela
  • Home Visits
  • Poshan Walk
  • Poshan Workshop / Seminar
  • Prabhat Fari
  • Providing Water to the Toilets
  • Safe Drinking Water in Anganwadi Centers
  • Home Visits
  • Safe Drinking Water in Schools
  • School-Based Activities
  • Self Helping Groups (SHG) Meetings
  • VHS
  • Youth Group Meeting
  • Poshan Rally
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Poshan Abhiyaan 2020 Themes

  • Adolescent Ed, Diet, Age of Marriage
  • Anemia
  • Antenatal Checkup
  • Breastfeeding
  • Compl. Feeding
  • Diarrhea
  • ECCE
  • Food Fortification and Micronutrients
  • Growth Monitoring
  • Hygiene, Water, Sanitation
  • Immunization
  • Poshan (Overall Nutrition)

Poshan Abhiyaan by Gujarat Govt.

As we all know that the Indian government has launched the Poshan Abhiyan for all over the country. It is benefited all the districts, states, towns in India. However, there is some limitation of the central government to provide the benefits to all over India. All the beneficiaries can not get the advantage of the central scheme.

So, it is advisable for the state government that they also can start this Abhiyan so that all the beneficiaries can take advantage of this Abhiyan. The chief minister of Gujarat Shri. Vijay Rupnai has started this campaign on 23 January 2020. Rupani announced cash rewards of Rs. 12,000 for Anganwadi, ASHA, and ANM workers, who do their best to eradicate malnutrition in the upcoming year.